sabato 12 agosto 2017

SuperCity Mobile-Jet Ski Rental Station/Moto d'Acqua Quests

Available at level 35 after the Railway Station is built.

Jet Ski Rental Station 1

Collect profits from Bakery 25 times
Produce 30 lots of Corn (Farm)
Produce 3 lots of Keyboards (Electronics Plant)

Jet Ski Rental Station 2

Train 5 Builders (College)
Collect 7 Screw wrenches (friends’ cities, random drop)
Collect 700 goods

Jet Ski Rental Station 3

Collect 18 Engines (Petrol Station)
Collect 4 Wooden Beams (Cargo Port)
Collect 15 Chainsaws (Ranch)

Jet Ski Rental Station 4

Produce 40 lots of Strawberry (Farm)
Collect 30 Ring Cakes (Bakery)
Collect 12 Strawberry cocktails (Pub)

Jet Ski Rental Station 5

Help your friends with 50 buildings
Collect 20 Stars (Club, Concert Hall)
Collect profits from Subway Station 8 times

Jet Ski Rental Station 6

Produce 15 lots of Windows (Construction Factory)
Collect 20 Valves (Premium Cottage)
Collect 30 Nails (friends’ cities, random drop)

Jet Ski Rental Station 7

Produce 25 lots of Denim (Textile Factory)
Collect 14 Cans of paint (Family House, Ranch, Hotel, Townhouse, Comfortable House)
Collect 12 Leather sofas (Colonial House, Hostel, Villa with a pool, Apartment House, Redbrick House, Skyscraper, Penthouse)

Jet Ski Rental Station 8

Train 6 Mechanics (College)
Collect 8 Petrol cans (Petrol Station)
Ask friends for 5 Jet Ski

Jet Ski Rental Station 9

Collect 20 Ropes (Textile Factory => any fabric)
Collect 10 First aid kits (Drugstore)
Ask friends for 10 Life jackets

 You get 1000 coins
 5 XP points
 3 superbucks

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