sabato 12 agosto 2017

SuperCity Mobile-Japanese Castle/Castello Giapponese Quests

Available at level 51.

Japanese Castle 1

Produce 9 lots of Silk (Textile Factory)
Deliver goods to Fashion Boutique 6 times
Save up 15000 coins

Japanese Castle 2

Produce 25 lots of Concrete compounds (Construction Factory)
Collect 19 Bricks (Cargo Port)
Ask friends for 10 Wall towers

Japanese Castle 3

Deliver goods to Restaurant 2 times
Produce 50 lots of Squashes (Farm)
Collect profits from Subway Station 5 times

Japanese Castle 4

Train 5 Builders (College)
Collect 30 Saws (Colonial House)
Ask friends for 7 Repair kits

Japanese Castle 5

Produce 1 lot of Monitors (Electronics Plant)
Collect 1000 goods
Help your friends with 20 buildings

Japanese Castle 6

Produce 18 lots of Roofings (Construction Factory)
Collect 20 Carabiners (Subway Station)
Ask friends for 6 Sunny decorations

 You get 200 coins
3 XP points
3 superbucks

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