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Food Street-Timed Event:Summer Fun

Turn your restaurant into the ultimate summer getaway with our beach-inspired decor and get ready to have FUN in the SUN with friends during the Summer Fun Food Club Event & Beat The Heat Community Event!
Important Dates:
Summer Fun items in shops - Jul 3rd
Summer Fun Event starts - Jul 5th
Summer Fun Event ends - Jul 11th
Beat The Heat Community Event starts - Jul 14th
Summer Fun items leave shops - Jul 16th
Beat The Heat Community Event ends - Jul 17th
* please note all dates and times reflect GMT

Summer Fun - July 3rd - July 16th
Hello, Summer! It's time to enjoy sun, sand, and swimming once again. Make beach days the best days with Summer Fun decorative items including Palm Trees, Surfboard Racks, Sun Loungers & more in the shops for a limited time.

Summer Fun functional items

Summer Fun decorative items

Summer Fun decorative items

Summer fun Staff uniforms

Summer Fun Food Club Event -  July 5th - July 11th
Make your own sunshine! Food, fun, and friends are always a good combo. Prepare summertime favorite dishes of Seafood Skewers, Coconut Grilled Chicken, Fruit Punch and more during the Summer Fun Food Club Event for your chance to win a gold trophy and event only prizes!

Summer Fun event stoves

 Stoves: Aloha Merchant, Tiki Bar, Aloha Grill 

Summer Fun crops & ingredients

 Crops/Ingredients: Watermelon, Island Coconut, Golden Pineapple, Brown Rice, Shrimp

Summer Fun event dishes

Dishes: Spamm, Fruit Punch, Hawaiian Haupia, Coconut Shrimp, Spamm Musubi, Seafood Skewer, Coconut Grilled Chicken, Spamm Burger

Beat The Heat Community Event - July 14th - July 17th
Keep your cool this summer! Dive into our Beat The Heat Community Event for your chance to win exclusive prizes with the entire Food Street player community. All players level 6+ will work together to reach specific goals to unlock personal and combined rewards

Beat The Heat - exculsive Sandcastle prize

Pom Pom Mystery Box - June 1st - July 31st
There is still time left to collect your favorite Pom Pom pets! The Pom Pom Mystery Box will be available in the prize tent until July 31st. Bring one of these cute puppies home to your restaurant today!

Other Important Dates
Happily Ever After (Wedding) - mid-July approx
Japan - TBA
*names are not final and may still change

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