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Fairy Kingdom-F.A.Q.

1) How do I play this game?

You are the Prince of the Fairy Kingdom, your main objective is to save the Princess. In doing so you will need to restore the kingdom by completing quests and constructing different buildings. You will also rebuild your old castle from its ruins, discover new lands and solve some challenging riddles along the way. Numerous magic items, combined with special alchemy ingredients will help you achieve your goals and save the Princess!

2) How can I build something?

Tap on the "Store" icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen and then pick the building you want to construct. Notice there are several tabs, all with different types of buildings. Some of them might require a certain level of player or his castle so don't forget to upgrade it to unlock new types of buildings.

3) How can I use the "Mining & Manufacturing" constructions?

Tap on the building you want to use and pick the order you need, then tap on the "Complete" button. Some orders might require certain levels of player or his castle so don't forget to upgrade it to unlock new types of orders.

4) How do I craft special items?

Tap on the building you want to use. Make sure you have enough resources and ingredients to craft the item you need. You can always buy these resources for Crystals or you can look for them in other buildings. Tap on the "Complete" button and wait until crafting is done. You can speed up this process by spending some Crystals. When the item is ready, you can pick it up and then find it by pressing the inventory button in the bottom-right corner of the screen

5) How do I get gold?

Your citizens pay their taxes. Tap the castle icon in the upper-right corner of the screen and then tap the "Collect" button to get the gold. You can do so anytime during the game session. You can also construct special buildings from the "Businesses" tab and complete their orders just like you do with the "Mining & Manufacturing" buildings, except you get gold instead of resources

6) How do I increase my kingdom's population?

To get new citizens to your kingdom you need to construct more buildings from the "Dwellings" tab or upgrade existing buildings. The more citizens live in your kingdom - the more taxes you get. A higher level of population is also needed to construct some special buildings.

7) How do I expand my territory?

Complete the main characters' quests to expand your territory and discover new lands.

8) How do I upgrade the castle?

Tap on the castle icon in the upper-right corner of the screen and look for the "Upgrade castle" tab. Tap on it and complete the special quest to upgrade the castle.

9) How do I get gold and crystals in the bank?

Tap on one of the "+" icons next to the resource meters. This will bring up the bank window. Pick the best offer that suits your needs and tap on it. After you confirm the purchase, gold and crystals will be added to your account.

10) What are talismans for?

Talismans are used to get animal eggs! From majestic griffons and mighty dragons to adorable kittens and penguins, animals allow you to make your kingdom more lively and can bring some useful bonuses as well!

11) What is food for?

Food is your primary resource. You can't do much of anything without it.

12) How do I get more food?

Tap on the "Food production" tab in the "Store", pick the building that suits your needs and buy it. After that you will be able to create food in it.

13) What is castle for?

Your castle is the foundation of your kingdom. There you can get information on your storage capacity or collect the gold from the treasury. The higher the level of your castle is - the more buildings will become available to you.

14) What is storage for?

You can find it in your castle. It shows the maximum amount of food, stone, wood or rainbow ore that can be stored. Upgrading the storage increases these values.

15) What are totems for?

Totems belong to a special category of items which provide bonuses for the nearby buildings. There are several types of totems such as the Totem of Fertility, the Totem of Wealth or the Totem of the Forager.
    The Totem of Fertility increases the income of the nearby farms and gardens.
    The Totem of Wealth and the Totem of the Forager increase the income of the moneymaking structures.

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