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Criminal Case-F.A.Q.

What is Criminal Case all about?

In Criminal Case, you are a Crime Scene Investigator in the City of Grimsborough. As a key member of the city's Police Department, you solve puzzling murder cases happening throughout the city's districts. You will be acquainted with engaging plots; scour intriguing crime scenes, question suspects and witnesses to finally arrest the killers.
Who do I contact if I experience any trouble, want to report a bug or have suggestions to submit to Criminal Case?
You can report bugs, send suggestions and other messages via a private message on our fan page.
How do I change my Avatar's gender?
Current game settings do not allow changes to the Avatar's gender once it has been chosen. The feature will be made available soon. The Avatar is chosen after the Tutorial mode concludes and you are prompted to select your gender and customize your clothes. At this stage, the Avatar's default gender matches that of your Facebook account.

I have arrested the killer, how do I unlock the next case?

To unlock the following case, you need to complete the additional investigation.You will then be prompted to send three reports to Chief Police Officer Sam King. You can either buy these reports or ask three different friends to help you out.

How do I use my Burgers, Chips and Orange Juice?

To use your burgers, chips or orange juice, you can:
Run out of energy and a message will appear asking you to use what you have in stock, or purchase more.
Click on the energy bar in the top center part of the map screen, the aforementioned message will appear.
Click on the lightning bolt in the circular menu on the bottom, left-hand corner of the Crime Scene selector. The aforementioned message will appear.

How do I customize my Avatar?

To customize your Avatar, you need to visit the avatar shop. To do so:
Click on the blue shirt icon in the top, left-hand corner of the map screen.
Click on the white shirt in the circular menu on the bottom, left-hand corner of the Crime Scene selector.
Upon doing that, you will see all available accessories to customize your Avatar, including those you have not yet unlocked.

What are the Lucky Cards for and how do I use them?

The Lucky Cards are a way to say thank you to your partners when they help you investigate a Crime Scene.
When you click on "Send to my Partner" after completing a Crime Scene investigation, you send them a card. Likewise, when they choose you as a partner, they can send you a card or skip this step.
When you launch Criminal Case, your message center opens and there is where you receive and accept your Lucky Cards.
When a collection is complete, the game will let you know by adding a message next to the cards icon on the map screen. Click on it to see your current collection(s) and what you can trade them for. You can also click on the cards icon in the circular menu on the bottom, left-hand corner of the Crime Scene selector.

Why do my partners sometimes have less hints?

The hints depend on the number of consecutive days you and your partners claim your daily bonus. If you don't forget claiming your daily bonus for five straight days or more, you will give your partners five hints. Likewise, your partners will have five hints if they claim their daily bonus for five or more straight days. If a player fails to claim the daily bonus one day, the hints counter goes back to zero.

Can stars be transferred from one case to another?

Stars cannot be transferred from one case to another, they have to be used in the very case they were earned in. However, you can buy items with your remaining stars and use the latter in further cases. You can, for example, buy burgers: they give you energy you can use to search crime scenes from new cases.

How do I get the "Calm Down" effect and get the "Relax" Trophy?

You need to click quickly on items that are not listed, or pretty much everywhere on the crime scene. Then, you will see officer Jones saying "We need to calm down…"  Do it as many times as required and you will get the trophy.

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