domenica 2 luglio 2017

Chef Town-F.A.Q.

1. Prepare easy-cook food. This will let you keep your restaurant selling food for a long time. Quick food such onion soup is a good example of it. If happens that there is always the same type of food on the counter like onion soup, then you can stack the new food on the to of the old food to add servings to what is already there. You can add as many as hundreds or even thousands of servings per counter tile to keep it busy for a long time.

2. Purchase more walls and tile to expand your place. In this game you will notice that space can run out fairly quickly so if you are going to invest for more assets you really need to expand you need to buy more walls and tile which will let you to use more space. You can also consider saving your money and expand outwards into the grassy areas with all of your different equipment such as tables, chairs, stoves and lot more. Just keep looking around for new areas which you can expand. You will see it basically with new appliances or new methods of cooking. If you don’t have enough cooking stars to expand, you can directly visit your current appliances and look for the foods that can be starred the quickest, you can cook them, serve them and then try expanding again.

3. Make sure that your restaurant stations are fairly organized. Keep the tables and chairs as close to the appliances as possible since the farther apart they are, the waiter will have to spend time in walking to sere customers which will makes each meal takes longer to serve. This is my favorite strategy in playing any cooking based game but one thing that this strategy suffers – the aesthetic factors of your restaurant. Definitely that closer the table from one another, the more it looks cluttered and mess up but if you are considering the inner value in the game, it is better to play this game in this manner.

4. Clear your quest for additional experience and free gems. If you are looking forward to earn premium currency even without downloading Chef Town cheats, you can have it for free by completing your quests. And if you wish to get more recommendations  you can save up your gems and buy premium item which are notated as having recommendations with the. Or you can boost your level to unlock more premium items which themselves usually come with recommendation and only coins rather than gems.

5. Plan your recipe. If you not able to play the game for a long time such as going to sleep or to work, ensure that you     are doing the long term jobs or those recipe that required lot of hours to complete. This is the time to deal with them since it is capable of giving you more rewards only the downside is that you need more time to complete them.

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