domenica 25 giugno 2017

Astro Garden-Journey To Italy Quests

Sunny land

 I. plant seeds: olive 10x 
plant seed: peach 10x 
plant seeds: oleander 10x 
II. plant seeds: stone rose 10x 
fulfill the contract 1x
 III. chop down trees 10x
 send a gjft to your friend 10x
 IV. chop trees at your neighbor's farm 15x 
feed the animal: chicken 5x 
V. harvest crops at professor's farm: olive 2x 
collect combo lvl *6* 1x 
VI. fulfill the contract: 2x 
use fertilizer or a special additive 20x 

The spirit of Italy 

I. harvest crops: olive 10x
 create: exquisite fertilizer 1x 
II. feed the animal: cow 15x 
feed an animal at professor's farm 5x 
sell crops: carrots 15x 
III. plant seeds: olive 15x 
clear the rocks 10x
 collect extra: basil 90x 
IV. fulfill the contract 4x 
harvest crops: peach 20x  
V. accept  neighbor’s help 3x 
send a gift to your friend 10x 
VI. plant seeds: peach 25x 
chop down trees 10x 

Appetizing pizza 

I. harvest crops: oleander 25x 
harvest crops: stone rose 25x
 II. fulfill the contract 6x 
sell crops: strawberries 30x 
III. collect extra: egg 4x 
feed the pet: cat 1x
 IV. create: exquisite food 1x
 accept  your neighbo’s helpr 5x
 chop down trees 12x
 V. harvest crops: olive 30x 
plant seeds: oleander 30x 
plant seeds: stone rose 30x 
VI. fulfill the contract 8x 
feed an animal at professor's farm 8x 

Classified ingredient 

I. clear the rocks 15x
 feed an animal at your neighbor's farm 15x 
II. harvest crops: peach 40x 
collect extra: milk 6x 
III. plant seeds: olive 35x 
collect combo lvl *8* 1x
 IV. harvest crops: oleander 40x 
harvest crops: stone rose 40x 
V. collect extra: basil 150x 
VI. fulfill the contract 10x 
create: italien experience 2x 

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