venerdì 6 luglio 2018

SuperCity Mobile-Summer Fair

 Required level: 8. Required app version: 1.19.0.

 Note: the event (including the possibility to buy items at the Summer Fair) stops for everyone on July 20 (09:00 UTC).

You get 1 key 🔑 for every SuperBINGO ball 🎱

 Your keys 🔑 won't disappear once the event is over - all the unused keys will reappear in the next Special Bingo Event

 You may get keys 🔑 from the following:
  Central Station (1 key every 4 hours) 🚆
  The Capitol (2 keys every 4 hours) 🏤
  Bumper Cars (2 keys every 4 hours) 🚘
  Playing SuperBINGO 🎱
  Buying items at the Summer Fair 🃏
* You can also buy keys at the Summer Fair  or during our special sales 

 The more chests you open the better chance you have of getting the amazing Summer Attractions  
Blue Chest (Prize Box): 10 keys with a chance to get 5-27 Silver Tickets and 0-2 Golden Tickets
Red Chest (Colorful Prize Box): 40 Keys with a chance to get 23-100 Silver Tickets and 2-14 Golden Tickets 

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