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Hero Wars-Tournament of the Elements

Tournament of the Elements - is a special game mode, where titans fight between themselves. The tournament is held across the whole social network, meaning you can meet opponents from any server within the social network.

Tournament of the Elements holds place in the Titan Valley, which you can find in the Celestial City. The main building in the Valley - is the Tournament itself, where you can participate in the battles.

In order to have access to the Titan Valley you must be at least Team Level 35 and have summoned at least 5 different titans. 

Every day the battles are divided into different Stages. There are 6 stages total in the game, but 6th Stage is nearly impossible to beat. At some point, quantity of the opponents rises according to the Stage you are currently on.

You get a reward for every Stage you cleared completely — Elemental Tournament Coins. You have umlimited amount of attack attempts versus every opponent until you achieve victory.

In order to proceed to the next stage, you need to defeat all the opponents on the current one. The battles won't start until you gather your Titan Defense Team. Every battle consist of 2 consecutive rounds:

Attack round
Defence round
Defence Team
In order to start participating in the battles, you need to gather your defence team first. It is only possible to select it once per Stage, and you won't be able to edit your setup until you reach the next Stage. Imporant! Strengthening your titans won't affect the Defence Titan setup this day.

Attack round
During the Attack round phase your titans are assaulting the enemy team, and the battle is run in the manual control mode. You recieve Essence of the Elements for winning, together with the Elemental Tournament Points. Losing grants you with Elemental Tournament Points, and their quantity depends on the percentage of the Health enemy titan team has lost. 

You can also retreat from this battle, and the Defence Round won't start. The next attempt begins anew, as if nothing happened previously. The energy is not conserved between the fights.

If that was the first attack attempt for this opponent, after the Attack Round the Defence Round will take place. If you attacked this opponent previously, the Defence Round won't repeat itself.

Defence Round
Despite the first attack attempt result (win or loss, doesn't matter) - the Defence Round will start. In this battle, the opponent team attacks your titan setup, and the battles will run in Auto control mode.

You also recieve Essence of the Elements and Elemental Tournament Points for successful defence, and loss only grants you the rating.

You can only have one Defence Round versus every opponent. If you required more than one attack attempt to defeat an opponent, the Defence Round results will count from the first attack.

Defence Round success doesn't affect the Stage progression in any way. You can lose all the Defence Rounds on this Stage, but still advance on to the next one.

You can raid battles on every Stage besides 6th after you successfully complete it once. The instant battles are run in Automatic mode. If for some reason you didn't defeat an opponent using Raid, you can improve the result at any time using regular Attack with manual controls.

Elemental Tournament Points
The more Elemental Tournament Points you've managed to collect during the week, the better will be your reward when the Tournament ends. All the points count, both for Attack and Defence Rounds. You can see the list of the rewards and point requirements in the Tournament Rules page in the game, Tournament Points tab.

You also get rewards for reaching certain amount of points - they are located in the special chest in the bottom right corner of the battle screen. You can get Elemental Tournament Coins there.

In the end of the week all the players recieve rewards according to their place in the Elemental Points Tournament Leaderboard. The rewards include Emeralds, Gold and Elemental Tournament Certificates. The exact amount of rewards are shown in the Tournament Rules, Tournament Cups tab.

The Hall Of Fame in the Titan Valley allows you to see the previous Tournament winners.

Elemental Spirits
Elemental Spirits grant you a new usable ability and also increases the titan parameters of it's own element, if your team consist of 3 or more titans of this element. Elemental Spirits are usable in all the game modes: Dungeon, Guild Wars and Tournament of the Elements.

Strengthening the Elemental Spirits
Elemental Spirits all have Stars and Levels. To activate and further improve the Spirit you need to pull the corresponding totem from the Titan Artifact Spheres. Maximum level for the Elemetal Spirit is 120.

The Levels can be increased using Guild Wars Trophies:

1-39 levels — Bronze Guild Wars Trophies
40-79 levels — Silver Guild Wars Trophies
80-120 levels — Gold Guild Wars Trophies
Raising Elemental Spirits stars and levels grants you Titan Sparks Of Power to further improve your heroes.

Using Elemental Spirits in Battles
The bonus passive parameters from the Spirit are always active, and doesn't matter if you have 3 titans of the same element in the team or not. However, in order to use the active ability you need to fulfill this requirement of 3 titans of the same element.

The Elemental Spirit ability appears in the left part of the screen in the battle, separately from the titan ability icons. You can activate it from there.

Elemental spirits recieve energy when the titans of the corresponding element recieve energy themselves. And titans can accumulate energy in the following scenarios: when they use the basic attack or basic ability (for Araji, Hyperion and Eden) - 20%, for defeating an opponent titan - 30% and also for recieving damage in the ratio of: 1% lost maximum titan health = 0.5% maximum energy gained.

The Elemental Spirits needs to accumulate 3000 energy total to activate.

Important! The Elemental Spirit Energy is not conserved between the fights and levels and you need to charge your Spirit all over again in each battle.

Water Spirit Totem Deals damage to nearby opponents and heals allied Titans the specified in the description amount. So if the description says 1000, the opponents will be dealt 1000 damage, and allied titans will split this 1000 between them. Important!  This occurs every 0.5 seconds, just like any simillar ability in the game, so two 'ticks' per second.

Titan Artifacts
Each titan has 3 different artifacts. All of them grant bonuses to the particular titan who equipped them. Artifact bonuses are active in all the game modes: Dungeon, Guild Wars, Tournament of the Elements.

Unique item — improves your damage against titans of the opposing element. The effectiveness of this bonus decreases, if the opponent titan level is higher than your titan's.
Crowns — lowers the damage your titan recieves from the opposing element titans during the Attack Round, and defence against all the elements during Defence Rounds. The effectiveness of this bonus decreases, if the opponent titan level is higher than your titan's.
Seals — provide additional raw parameters to the titans.
The Titan Artifacts also have stars and levels. To increase the star rating you need to get fragments from the Titan Artifact Spheres or Merchant. Maximum levels for the artifacts - 120.

The levels of Unique Items and Crows can be increased using the Essence of the Elements, which you can get from the Tournament battles. The Seals can be leveled using Gold.

Raising Titan Artifacts stars and levels grants you Titan Sparks Of Power to further improve your heroes.

Altar Of The Elements and Daily Quests
You can open the Titan Artifact Sphere in the Altar of the Elements to get Titan Artifact Fragments and possibly Elemental Spirit Totems.

You can get these spheres from the Daily Quests where you need to win in the Tournament battles.

The Merchant accepts two types of currency: Elemental Tournament Coin and Elemental Tournament Certificate.

You can purchase a random variety of Titan Artifact Fragments, which changes and resets every day. WIth the Certificates you can purchase a set variety of goods: rare heroes soulstones, artifact coins, Chaos Cores and Skin Stone Chests.

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