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Food Street-Midsummer Garden Food Club Event

Hey Chefs! Are you ready for a glorious summer holiday? It’s time to celebrate the longest day of the year on Food Street! Sprinkle some fairy dust 🧚‍♀️, add a pinch of magic 🦋 and top it off with a splash of sunshine ☀️ to enchant your guests in your Midsummer Garden! 🌴

Important Dates

Jun 12th - Midsummer Garden items in shops 
Jun 15th - Midsummer Garden Food Club event begins 
Jun 16th - Totally 80s Decorating Contest Winners Announced
Jun 21st - Garden Box leaves Prize Tent 
Jun 22nd - Midsummer Garden Food Club event ends 
Jun 27th - Midsummer Garden items leave shops
* Please note all dates and times reflect GMT
Mystery Pet Revealed - Pink & Blue Fairies!
Let the Midsummer magic in your Restaurants begin with these magical Pink and Blue Fairies! 🧚‍♀️

 Pink Fairy

Blue Fairy

Mystery Item Revealed! - Floating Candle Pool! 

Your guests are sure to be enchanted by this gorgeous Floating Candle Pool! how do you think they will interact with the item? Head to the shop and get YOURS to find out! 

Floating Candle Pool

Midsummer Garden - Jun 12th - Jun 27th

CHEFS! Bring all your tables outside to the garden to let your guests take in the beauty of Midsummer! Watch the peacock dance, take a dip in the hot-spring or simply sit by the fairy tree and absorb the enchanting fairy garden decor of your Midsummer Garden! 

Midsummer Garden Functional Items

Midsummer Garden Decor Items

*Midsummer Garden Items will be available for a limited time.

Midsummer Garden Food Club Event - Jun 15th - Jun 22nd

Midsummer is not complete without some Gravlax! Cook dishes packed with edible flowers and wild strawberries in the Midsummer Garden Food Club Event and win event-only personal & Food Club prizes!

Midsummer Garden Event Stoves

Stoves: Midsummer Tea Snacks Stove, Midsummer Lunch Stove, Midsummer Merchant

Midsummer Garden Event Crops

Crops: Edible flowers, Wild strawberries, Vanilla

Midsummer Garden event Ingredients/Dishes

Ingredients/Dishes: Crayfish, Salmon, Gravalax, Crayfish Toast, Midsummer Salad, Midsummer Strawberry Cake, Savory Tasting Board, Midsummer Cordial

Garden Mystery Box in Prize Tent - Available until Jun 21st
LAST CHANCE to complete your Garden Collection! The Garden Mystery Box leaves Prize Tent on June 21st! 

Other Important Dates
Gone Camping - Late June 
Gone Camping Food Club Event - Early July
Summertime Community Event - Early July 

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