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Food Street-Back to the 80s Food Club Event

Hey Chefs!
Are you like, totally ready to rewind back to the electrifying 80s? Breakdance your way into the world of synth wave, neon signs, Rubik's Cubes, and high-calorie foods. Dress to impress with acid-wash denim, and neon leg warmers & serve delicious foods like Sloppy Joes, Tri-colored Pasta, and seven-layer dips! Read on to find out about all the new decors and items that are available on Food Street! 

Important Dates

May 30th - Back to the 80s items in shops 
May 31st - Totally 80s Decorating Contest begins
Jun 1st - Back to the 80s Food Club Event begins 
Jun 8th - Back to the 80s Food Club event ends 
Jun 11th - Totally 80s Decorating Contest ends
Jun 12th - Back to the 80s items leave shops 
Mystery Item Revealed: New Arcade Machine!
Bring back the good times with your very OWN Arcade Machine! Get yours from the shops NOW! Available for a limited time only. 

NEW Arcade Machine Functional Item!

Mystery Item Revealed: Boombox!
Breakdance 80s style to your favorite tunes with this Boombox! Available in the shops for a limited time! Get yours NOW! 

NEW Boombox Functional Item

Back to the 80s - May 30th - Jun 12th 

We're going back to the 80s and its lookin' TOTALLY RAD! Patterned wallpapers, neon signs, mixtapes, Rubik's Cube tables, and funky columns are here on Food Street to bring back the electric 80s to your Restaurants! Dress up your staff in colorful outfits available including neon tights, fishnet leggings, acid-wash denim and more! 

Back to the 80s Decorative Items
Back to the 80s Avatar Items!

*Back to the 80s Items will be available for a limited time.

Back to the 80s Food Club Event - Jun 1st - Jun 8th

Dig into delicious dishes from the 80s! From Sloppy Joes to Loaded Fries, we’re sure this event will leave you craving for more! Get together with your team and cook to earn points and win awesome individual and Food Club prizes!

Back to the 80s Event Stoves

Stoves: Delorean Delights Stove, Pasta la Vista Stove, 80s Merchant

Back to the 80s Event Crops

Crops: Potatoes, Avocado, Spices

Back to the 80s Event Ingredients and Dishes

Ingredients/Dishes: Ranch Dressing, Assorted Meat, Seven Layered Dip, Loaded Fries, Sloppy Joes, Tri-Color Pasta Salad, Salisbury Steak, Blackened Cajun Chicken
Totally 80s Decorating Contest -  May 31st - Jun 11th

Totally 80s Decorating Contest!

Let's Rock n Roll like they did in the 80s! Decorate your restaurants in bright colors reminiscent of the 80s decade using items from the Back to the 8s theme for a chance to win a Gaming Cafe, Coins, Gems, Vouchers & more! 

Other Important Dates

Midsummer Garden - Mid-June
Midsummer Garden Food Club Event - Mid-June

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