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FarmVille 2-Tavolo Da Studio Degli Insetti:Guida Ufficiale

Percy and the Sprouts are all geared up to win their next merit badge! This time, it involves glancing into the strange and fascinating world of insects! The Sprouts have always loved working on your farm and they were hoping you would be their guide! Help them identify and learn all about these cool critters! Build an Insect Study Table on your farm and teach them all you know! You’ll be rewarded with an adorable baby Tule Elk for your efforts!

If you are level 15 or higher, the “A Bug’s Tale!” popup will appear. Click on the “Build Insect Study Table!” button to start the feature. 

To build the table, you must first collect all the materials you need. 

Then, ask your friends for help or hire builders. 

When you’re done building the table, it will look like this: 

Begin learning about insects by clicking on the table. There are four study sessions that you will conduct for Percy and his friends: Social Ant!, Bee Mine!, Firefly Night!, and Flutter By!. Only the first session is accessible as you need to finish this lesson first before the next one is unlocked.

To teach about the social ant, you need to complete the tasks that are shown in the menu. Each study session has a different set of tasks that must be completed. 

Shown below the menu are the rewards you will get when you complete the tasks. For the first study session, you’ll get Resources. 

To conduct the study sessions, you’ll need to collect Insect Study Badges and invite friends to attend. 

There are four simple ways to get Insect Study Badges:

Complete the tasks for each study session. Take note that each task gives out a different number of Insect Study Badges. 

Complete quests in the “In Bug Trouble!” line of quests. 

Ask for help by clicking on the Post button on the lower left part of the menu. 

Buy Insect Study Badges using Farm bucks.

To know how many badges you have collected, check the counter in the menu. The excess badges will be carried over for the next set of requirements. 

After collecting the 6 Insect Study Badges needed for the first study session, you will then invite 4 friends to attend. There are two ways to complete this requirement: Click on the Invite button or buy Invites.

Once your friends have accepted the invitation, you can proceed with hosting the study session by clicking on the Watch the Ants! button 

The first study session will now begin! Watch carefully and learn about how ants behave! 

Once the lesson over, you can redeem and share your first reward! 

You can also proceed to conduct the second study session. 

Keep collecting Insect Study Badges to win the baby Tule Elk and 10 Favors! 

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