martedì 8 agosto 2017

SuperCity Mobile-Russian Cathedral/Cattedrale Russa Quests

Available at level 42.

Russian Cathedral 1

Produce 10 lots of Concrete compounds (Construction Factory)
Collect 2 Bricks (Cargo Port)
Collect 5 Cabins (Subway Station)

Russian Cathedral 2

Ask friends for 3 Stained-glass windows
Collect 2 Reinforcements (Cargo Port)
Collect 20 Drills (Cozy House)

Russian Cathedral 3

Produce 12 lots of Parquets (Construction Factory)
Produce 5 lots of Silk (Textile Factory)
Collect 9 Opals (friends’ cities, random drop)

Hurray! You get 200 coins
10 XP points
 3 superbucks

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