domenica 13 agosto 2017

SuperCity Mobile-Press CenteršŸ“–Centro Stampa Quests

Available at level 43.

Press Center 1

Collect 20 Cans of paint (Family House)
Collect 15 Croissants (Bakery)
Produce 13 lots of Roofings (Construction Factory)

Press Center 2

Collect 5 Planks (Cargo Port)
Collect 4 Bricks (Cargo Port)
Produce 8 lots of Concrete compounds (Construction Factory)

Press Center 3

Collect 9 Stars (Club, Concert Hall)
Collect 300 goods (Farms, Plants, and Factories)
Help your friends with 20 buildings

Press Center 4

Train 2 Mechanics (College)
Collect 5 Crane hooks (Construction Factory => Tile)
Collect 8 Cabins (Subway Station)

Press Center 5

Collect 7 Trophies (Tennis Court, Volleyball Court, and Stadium)
Collect 3 Hearts (Wedding Palace, Film Set, “Love” Reality Show)
Collect profits from any buildings 40 times

Press Center 6

Ask friends for 4 Glasses
Produce 6 lots of Windows (Construction Factory)
Collect 10 Carabiners (Subway Station)

 You get 1500 coins

and 5 superbucks

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