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SuperCity Mobile-Fishing Village/Villaggio Di Pescatori Quests

Available at level 48.

Fishing Village 1

Collect 20 Lettuces (Wok Café)
Collect 27 Hamburgers (Bistro)
Produce 34 lots of Corn (Farm)

Fishing Village 2

Collect 32 Shovels (friends’ cities, random drop)
Collect 24 Rakes (Summer House)
Collect 6 Lawnmowers (Auto Repair Shop)

Fishing Village 3

Collect 7 Wooden Beams (Cargo Port)
Collect 16 Chainsaws (Ranch)
Collect 24 Drills (Cozy House)

Fishing Village 4

Train 4 Builders (College)
Produce 17 lots of Windows (Construction Factory)
Collect 27 Paint rollers (Petrol Station)

Fishing Village 5

Collect 30 Carabiners (Subway Station)
Collect 12 Strong ropes (Kindergarten)
Ask friends for 20 Japanese tiles

Fishing Village 6

Produce 10 lots of Bananas (Fruit Farm)
Collect 38 Croissants (Bakery)
Collect 26 Smoothies (Convenience Store)

Fishing Village 7

Produce 15 lots of Cables (Construction Factory)
Collect 17 Lightbulbs (Electronics Plant => Mouse)
Collect 21 Paper lanterns (School)

Fishing Village 8

Collect 25 Trophies (Tennis Court, Volleyball Court, and Stadium)
Collect 38 Screw wrenches (friends’ cities, random drop)
Collect 18 Valves (Premium Cottage)

Fishing Village 9

Collect 36 Packs of seeds (Flower Kiosk)
Collect 40 Fertilizers (Farm => Yellow pepper)
Ask friends for 11 Cherry seedlings

Fishing Village 10

Collect 24 Hearts (Wedding Palace, Film Set, “Love” Reality Show)
Produce 9 lots of Sour cream (Dairy Farm)
Collect 18 Bow ties (Pool Parlour)

Fishing Village 11

Collect 12 Planks (Cargo Port)
Collect 38 Nails (friends’ cities, random drop)
Produce 22 lots of Linen (Textile Factory)

Fishing Village 12

Collect 10 Fishing Line Reels (Shopping Center)
Collect 35 Floats (Summer House)
Ask friends for 12 Fishing-rods

Fishing Village 13

Collect 13 Vanilla sticks (Pub)
Collect 11 Magical elixirs (Cosmetics Boutique)
Collect 14 Lucky coins (Guardian of the Valley)

Fishing Village 14

Collect profits from Supermarket 7 times
Collect 22 Pencils (Stationery Shop)
Ask friends for 10 Forms

Fishing Village 15

Collect 26 Tarts (Coffee House)
Collect 24 Party poppers (Beach Shop)
Collect 38 Excursion tickets (friends’ cities, random drop)

You get 1500 coins
5 energy
 4 superbucks

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