domenica 6 agosto 2017

SuperCity Mobile-Bookshop/Libreria Quest

Available at level 15.

Bookshop 1

Collect 2 Planks (Cargo Port)
Collect 6 Nails (friends’ cities, random drop)
Collect 3 Books (School)

Bookshop 2

Collect profits from Stationery Shop 3 times
Collect profits from Coffee House 3 times
Collect 6 Leather sofas (Colonial House, Hostel, Villa with a pool, Apartment House, Redbrick House, Skyscraper, Penthouse)

Bookshop 3

Collect 6 Paper tapes (Bakery)
Collect 15 Leaflets (Textile Factory => Denim)
Ask friends for 4 Cash registers

Hurray! You get 300 coins, 5 XP points, and 2 superbucks!

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