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Tap Adventure Time Travel-F.A.Q.

How to play?

Just tap on the screen to attack enemies with your magic.

Who are Heroes?

Heroes are powerful mercenaries with unique abilities. They attack on their own, dealing damage to enemies even when you are not tapping.

What are active abilities?

Every Hero has his unique active ability. These abilities can be activated on Battle tab and can significantly change the flow of battle.

What are Stage and Wave? What's the difference?

Stage consists of 10 Waves and 1 Boss wave. 1 Wave consists of few enemies. When you complete 10 Stages, you will move to other location. On 5th and 10th Stages Bosses will be more powerful.

How to improve Heroes?

You can improve heroes by upgrading their skills and their equipment. You will receive 1 skill point per 10 levels of equipment. Every hero has 2 items, that can be improved for gold, and other 3 can be improved with chests. Also, every hero have 1 active ability and 4 passive abilities. They have different costs, so be careful when planning your build.

Why do I need chests? Where to get them?

While you fighting with bosses, you have chance to find chest. Or you can buy them in the Shop. When you just received the chest, it's Boosted for some time. Boosted Chests upgrade 5 items and give you 1 runestone. To open chest you need key.
Chests are the only way to upgrade your additional equipment for heroes.

Where can I find keys?

Keys can be bought in the Shop or you can find them in Time Loop. The further you go, the more keys you will find.

What's Time Loop? Why do I need it?

Time Loop will reset your progress and move you to the beginning of your journey, but will give you keys and runestones. Also, you will keep level of heroes' additional equipment. And new events usually available only after Time Loop.

What is threat?

Threat is the parameter, that determines chances of being attacked by enemies. Every hero has his own threat, based on their DPS - the higher their damage, the higher their threat. Some heroes can have passives, that modifies this parameter.

Who is this beard-guy with wings?

Let me introduce you this fellow - the Fay. He is very useful guy, who flying with his bag on the battlefield. You can target him with your magic bolt, so he will drop his bag, where you can find gold or healing for your heroes. Don't worry, he will bring you more later.

What are artifacts? How to get them?

Artifacts are powerful and mysterious tools, that grant you various abilities and passives. They can be obtained through different ways: dropped from bosses, found in events, crafted for runestones…

What are Overload?

Overload is the state of increased damage for magic. You can call it critical magic strike.

What are Charges?

Charges are unique trait. Heroes have different ways of obtaining charges, which can be consumed to make their next attack or ability critical. It's more like delayed critical hits.

What are Masters?

Masters are very useful guys, who provide various services. Each master gives you access to specific function in the game.

What are gems? How to get them?

Gems are very precious currency in the game. You can get it from Shop or by completing Achievements.

My hero strikes harder/lighter, that stated in his DPS!

Yes, DPS - damage per second, but heroes have different attack delays. Some of them attacks once per 2 seconds. So their damage per strike will be twice of their DPS.

What are MPS?

MPS is Magic per Shot. When you tap - you launch magic bolt, that deals damage, equal to MPS. So, the more often you tap, the more damage you deal.

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