lunedì 17 luglio 2017

Food Street-New Event:Happily Ever After & More

You are cordially invited! With joyful hearts, we invite you to celebrate in the Happily Ever After wedding theme & Happily Ever After Food Club Event! Say "I Do"  to the wedding of the year with your friends for romantic floral arrangements, a new adorable pet corgi (man's best friend or best man!), a beautiful tiered wedding cake, & more!

Important dates

Happily Ever After items in shops - July 17th
Happily Ever After Decor Contest starts - July 20th (approx)
Happily Ever After Event starts - July 21st
Happily Ever After Event ends - July 31st
Happily Ever After items leave shops - Aug 6th

* please note all dates and times reflect GMT

Happily Ever After - July 17th - Aug 6th
 Wedding bells are ringing! Orchestrate the wedding atmosphere of your dreams with all-new items in the shops including Corgi pets, Wedding Cake, Ring Stand, & more! Yours to have and to hold from this day forward. 

Happily Ever After functional items

Happily Ever After decorative items

Happily Ever After items will be available for a limited time.

Happily Ever After Food Club Event - July 21st - July 31st

Vow to win! Join your friends in hungry matrimony for a Food Club match made in heaven during the Happily Ever After Food Club Event! Cook limited time dishes of Passion Drink, Mini Desserts, and Wedding Cake guaranteed to delight any happy couple and their guests.

Happily Ever After event stoves
 Stoves: Drinks Bar, Buffet Table, Merchant 

Happily Ever After event crops & ingredients
 Crops/Ingredients: Vanilla, Lime, Herbs, Assorted Fruit, Syrup  

Happily Ever After event dishes
 Dishes: Welcome Drink, Passion Drink, Cheese Bites, Mini Desserts, Zesty Chicken Bites, Wedding Cake 

Happily Ever After Decor Contest - July 20th (approx)

Celebrate the moment when two hearts become one in the wedding style that suits your vision of the perfect wedding day! We are looking for your Happily Ever After design ideas and inspiration in the Happily Ever After Decor Contest.

Happily Ever After Decor Contest

 Once the contest has begun, entries can be submitted using Summer Fun items, wedding items, or both! Don't forget to use the contest hashtags #HappilyEverAfter #FoodStreetGame on your entry so that we can find it and your best design is eligible for a chance to win one of the contest prizes!

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