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1. How should I play?

Buy garden bed from the shop and use them to grow plants. This will get you coins and experience.
Once you've got enough coins consider buying a few animals to further enhance your profits.
Complete quests and raise your level to progress the storyline.
Continue playing to rise through the levels and gain access to new plants, trees, animals and other items.
Become a best farmer and create the best Farm ever.

2. How to buy things from the shop?

Tap the Shop icon at the bottom left of the screen. In the opened window choose the required category tab (Trees, Animals etc.) and then the item you want. Note that you can scroll the item list by swiping the screen horizontally.

3. How do I grow plants?

First you'll need an empty garden bed. If you don't have one, consider buying it from the shop.
Now tap the empty garden bed. A window shall open, listing various plants you can grow in this particular garden bed. Each plant takes specific time to grow and gives you specific amount of experience at harvest. Also note the price of the plant shown on the badge near it. Choose the plant with the most convenient period of growth and tap it.
Once the plant is chosen you may select additional garden beds in which to plant it. Your character will do all the work.
Now you'll have to wait while your plants grow. To see how much time is left until harvest, tap the growing plant to open the speed up window.
Once the plants have ripened, collect the harvest by repeatedly tapping them. Don't leave your ripe plants for too long or they will wither.

4. How do I raise animals?

Animals are the most efficient source of income. Like trees, they give you rewards in set periods of time over and over again.
To raise the animal you'll first have to buy a cub from the shop and place him somewhere on your Farm. Once this is done, your new animal will have to grow. At specific time periods an icon will appear above the growing animal, indicating that it has become hungry. Tap the animal to feed it. After a few feedings, the animal will mature and start giving you rewards for being such a good caretaker.
To see how much time is left until the next feeding or the next reward, tap the animal to open the speed up window.

5. How do I raise Pets?

To raise the Pet you'll first have to buy a Pet's house from the shop and place it somewhere on your Farm.
After that you need to make the Pet's scroll by buying scroll's parts in the shop and use it in your storage.
Your Pet will wait for your attention in the Pet's house.

6. Can I customize my pets?

Yes, there are multiple ways in which you can make pets more unique. First of all, every pet can be named. Just tap on the pet in question, either on your farm, or in the pet shelter and tap on the "name" at the top. By default it will just be the name of the type of the pet you have, such as "doggie". Upon tapping on it, you will be prompted to enter the name you want! You can also put different outfits and accessories on your pets. Through different means, such as event rewards or special offers, you can get some costumes and accessories, which, upon receiving, will end up in your storage. Using them from the storage will put them on the appropriate pet. Keep in mind that you need to own the pet, for which the costume is meant.

7. What is my Secret word for?

Your Secret word is your Game ID and it's unique to you. You can give it to your friend and if he uses your Secret word he will get the Prize. You will also need your Secret word when you ask our Support service to get any help.

8. How can I earn Coins?

You can get coins by selling what you grown and made, by sending you donkey to the fair.
You can also buy coins from the Bank by tapping the coins bar in the upper-right corner of the screen.

9. How can I earn Crystals?

You gain free Crystals for every new level you acquire and for completing certain quests.
You can also buy crystals from the Bank by tapping the crystals bar in the upper-right corner of the screen.

10. What are events?

Events are special series of activities that regularly happen in Farmdale. They can be tied to celebrations of holidays or some specific character or storyline. You can tell what kind of event is active at the moment by checking a special purple event banner at the top of the screen. Tapping on it will give you a short description of what it is about. During events, you will have special tasks you can complete to earn special "token" currency, thematically tied to the event (for example, easter eggs during easter). This currency can be traded for special rewards, for the duration of the event, in a special new tab in the in-game store! And of course, special offers and tournaments often go hand in hand with the events! Keep in mind that tournaments will only appear in your game if you connect it to the internet.

11. What are tournaments?

Tournaments are special competitions, often tied to events, in which you can complete special requirements to advance in ranks against other players. High ranking players recieve special rewards at the end of the tournament. Due to it's competitive nature, constant and stable internet connection is required to participate.

12. Troubleshooting

Update your game to the latest version via Application Store. We are constantly improving the game, fixing issues and making optimizations in order to increase performance and stability.

If the problem persists please let us know by sending email to: Please include the following info:
1) Problem description
2) If possible, a set of specific circumstances under which the problem occurs
3) Your Secret word
4) Game version
5) Your device model and OS version

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