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Dining Zoo-Game Guide

How to get Essences to upgrade the dishes?

Wholesale Deliveries (unlock at level 12) is the place where you can open 3 different crates to earn different rewards which are mostly made up of Essences for use in the Academy (unlock at Level 13). The Essences won’t store in the storage. You will also have chance to win coins, gems, materials, searching tickets, cart gears and saw in the crates.

Local Crate: grants 3 rewards, at least 1 common essence. You can get 1 for free every 6 hours.

Import Crate: grants 4 rewards, at least 1 uncommon essence. You can get 1 for free every 24 hours.

Luxury Crate: grants 5 rewards, at least 1 rare essence. Can only get from party or use gems to purchase.

Besides the Essence, you also have the chance to win materials, gems, search ticket, saw and gears from the crates. Of course, the Luxury Crate has the highest chance to earn better rewards. :)

Beside the Wholesale Deliveries, we also provide other ways to obtain crates:

Level up reward:

Import Crate: level 12, 13, 17, 21, 25, 29, 33, 37, 41…(every 4 levels)

Luxury Crate: level 14, 18, 22, 26, 30, 34, 38, 42…(every 4 levels)

Party Event reward: by completing different difficulties event, you can get different crates rewards.

How to brew wine?

Vineyard (unlock at Level 16) is the place you can plant grapes and brew different kinds of wine. There are 3 steps to brew the wine:

Plant and harvest the grape in the field. (The grapes won’t go into ingredient storage. They are stored in the Vineyard. Each kind of grape can be stored to 100 at most.)
Brew wine in the Vineyard.
In the Vineyard, you can have 6 barrel at most (unlock by level). For each barrel slot you can choose different barrel. There are 3 kinds of barrel (each kind has 2 types: big and small):

Although 3 kinds of big barrels brew the same amount of wine: 3 bottles of White Wine, 2 bottles of Champagne and 3 bottles of Red Wine (small barrel only brew 1), different barrel has different brewing time:

Plastic Barrel

Oak Barrel

Stainless Steel Barrel

1-star White Wine (3 bottles)




1-star White Wine (1 bottles)


1h 20min


2-star White Wine (3 bottles)




2-star White Wine (1 bottles)

2h 20min

1h 40min

1h 20min

3-star White Wine (3 bottles)




3-star White Wine (1 bottles)



1h 40 min

1-star Champagne (2 bottles)




1-star Champagne (1 bottles)



2h 30min

2-star Champagne (2 bottles)




2-star Champagne (1 bottles)

6h 30min

4h 30min


3-star Champagne (2 bottles)




3-star Champagne (1 bottles)

7h 30 min


3h 30min

1-star Red Wine (3 bottles)




1-star Red Wine (1 bottles)


2h 40min

1h 40min

2-star Red Wine (3 bottles)




2-star Red Wine (1 bottles)

4h 20min



3-star Red Wine (3 bottles)




3-star Red Wine (1 bottles)


3h 20min

2h 20min

As you can see, with the Stainless Steel Barrel, you can save lots of time.

How to play Party?

Party (unlock at Level 20) is the place you can hold different kinds of party event. The event final reward is Wholesale Deliveries Crates. There are 3 types of Event, you can choose which one you want to organize:
Unlock Level

Lasting Time

Interval Time

Birthday Event




Wedding Event




Pool Event




Each type of event has 3 tiers of difficulties: 1-star, 2-star, 3-star. By completing 1-star event, you can earn Local Crate. By completing 2-star event, you can earn Import Crate. By completing 3-star event, you can earn Luxury Crate. So the different type of event with different lasting time just to meet your different playing habit. If you play the game few times per day, you can choose the pool event with long hours. If you play the game many time per day, you can choose the Birthday event with short hours which need you come back more frequently.

All events start with 1-star difficulty, by completing it, the next one will be 2-star difficulty. And completing the 2-star one, next one will be 3-star difficulty. As long as you fail one, it will roll back to the previous difficulty. So if you want to get the Luxury Crate, keep completing the event!

For each sub-order in the event, you can choose some table to ask for help. With this action, your friends can visit your restaurant and complete the sub-order for you. When you ask for help, you will send out FB request to your friends to ask them visit your restaurant. Also, if your friends asked for help in the party, you will see a HEART icon in the friends bar beside the his/her profile picture. Or see the request in the Message Center.

Remember, help the lastest request as fast as possible, or other players may help before you. 

By helping friend’s party order, you can get 2x reward for each order. We will add some more rewards here later to encourage players to help.

No matter you complete the whole event or cancel the event, you have to wait 8 hours to start next one.

How to exchange petals with friends?

When you reach level 8, you can unlock the Garden and Mystery Shop together. These 2 features are connected. You collect petals from garden and exchange petals with friends. And finally purchase stuff in Mystery Shop with the petals.

There are 4 kinds of petals in total: red petal, blue petal, yellow petal and purple petal. Everyone will be randomly assigned with ONE of them. For the other 3 kinds, you have to exchange with friends - 1 for 1.  Here is the flow:

1. Collect your 20 petals every 8 hours. You can also collect some of them even if the petal amount hasn’t reached to the maximum.

2. Open the Mystery Shop panel

Then click ‘+’ button beside the petal number. You can choose who you want to exchange petals with whom. The number of friends chosen is not limited. Even if you only exchange 5 petals, you can send request to just 1 or 50 friends. But first come first served. (You can also click the ‘Exchange’ button in the Garden tooltip, it will open a panel where you can choose which petal you want to exchange.)

Also, you need to choose which petal and how many petal you want to exchange out, and which petal you want to exchange for. As soon as you click ‘Send’ button, the system will decrease your petals. But no worry, if the petals which are not exchanged successfully, the system will return them to you after 24 hours. You can collect them back in Message panel. For example, if you ask for 10 red petals with 10 blue petals. But only 5 friends exchange 7 red petals in total with you. 3 blue petals will be returned to you after 24 hours.

3. You can also check your friends’ exchanging request in the Message panel (click the Mailbox). The request will show the friend’s profile pic, name, which petal he/she used, and which petal he/she wanted. You need to pay attention to how many petals left for this request. If you need it, click quickly, otherwise other players may get it before you!

What does the 1 petal(s) left meam?

Example: I need blue petals. I select 1 Blue Petal for my Red Petal. I choose all 56 friends and send that request. As soon as 1 friend trades that petal with me, the request is fulfilled. I get 1 petal, I give 1 petal. I do not get a possible 56 petals exchanged, I get 1 petal. So again, you are not asking each of those 56 friends to exchange with you, you are giving your fastest friend the opportunity to swap.

4. Go back to Mystery Shop panel again to purchase whatever you need. The list will refresh every 8 hours. And with higher level, you can own more slots in the shop:


Slot number



























Beside your own Garden, you can also collect petals from neighbors’ Garden. You can see which petal your neighbors own by the petal icon in friends bar.
You need to visit neighbor’s restaurant and click the garden to collet 1 petal. Notice that each neighbor you can only collect 1 petal per day. And in total you can collect 10 petals at most from neighbors per day.

How does the Detective work?

Detective (unlock at Level 10) is beside the Market. You can hire Detective to find products for you. When you first unlock the feature, you will have 2 days free trial. In these 2 days, you can use the detective to search product 5 times per day!

After the free trial, there are 2 ways to use the detective:

Get Search ticket to hire once for 1 ticket. You can obtain the Search Ticket by:
Daily Task reward
Opening crates from Wholesale Deliveries
      2.  Use Gems to hire for days. Each day, you can search 5 times at any time you want. (Remember to use them all everyday)

Every time you search for an item, the detective always comes back with 3 options. You can only choose 1 to purchase with coins. With the detective, you can get what customers want quicker than searching in the Social Market.

How to upgrade Dishes/Chefs?

Academy (unlock at level 13) is the place you can upgrade recipes and chefs. Recipe upgrades increase the amount of EXP and Coins you earn from serving your dishes. Chef upgrades decrease all the recipe cooking time of this chef.

Each recipe upgrading requires a certain number of essences, which you can obtain in the Wholesale Deliveries crates. (will provide more ways to earn)

Each chef requires 2 conditions to upgrade:

3-star recipe number
Total cooking time of this chef

The reward for chef upgrade is gems and the decrease of recipe cooking time  (this chef’s all recipes).

Level 1: 5 Gems, Cooking time -2%

Level 2: 10 Gems, Cooking time -5%

Level 3: 15 Gems, Cooking time -10%

Level 4: 20 Gems, Cooking time -15%

 How to purchase/sell dishes with other players?

Social Market (Unlock at Level 7) is the place you can sell and purchase with players all over the world. There are 3 tags in the Social Market:

Global Market: where you can find players selling products. The list refreshes every 3 min.

Friends Market: where you can check what your friends are selling. Please notice that in the friend list there is ‘Janus’. His market’s products refresh every 24h. There are always some good products selling. Don’t forget to check it every day.

My Market: where you can sell your products in storage. This is a good way to empty your storage when it is full. Remember when you sell products at a lower price, you products will be shown in front of the Global Market list.

How to purchase Ingredients?

Ingredient Market is the place you can purchase all kinds of ingredients. And then use them to cook dishes.

When you have orders which need some ingredients, there will be a Exclamation Point beside the ingredient. Just buy it.

When you purchase one ingredient, you have to wait for the next purchase. Different ingredient has different interval time.

But when you reach level 14, you can unlock the Shopping Cart feature for Ingredient Market. You can use the Cart Gear to upgrade the Shopping Cart number for each ingredient. Different ingredient needs different amount of Cart Gear to upgrade.

The Shopping Cart will give you an extra ‘storage slot’ each time you upgrade. This means that while you are not playing the game, more stock is accumulated in the market for you to purchase when you need it.

It’s often assumed that after an upgrade, you can buy 2 lots of lettuce after 10 minutes instead of 1, but that’s not the case. Each cart needs it’s own time to replenish, so if you are busy playing and you have all 3 extra slots unlocked for lettuce, you can still only buy 4 items every 10 minutes, no more!

For example, after buying lettuce and then leaving the game for 1 hour, when you return you can only buy 4 lettuce again, then you need to wait another 10 minutes to get more. In other words, it will restock every 10 minutes. However, if you had bought an extra cart with Cart Gear, after replenishing the first cart after 10 minutes it will continue to replenish the second cart as well. So after returning 20 minutes later you can now buy 2 lots of lettuce. If you had all 4 carts, after returning to the game after 40 minutes you would be able to buy 4x 4 lettuce.

Ingredients continue to replenish while playing the game too, so you will notice that the carts which resemble the storage slots you have will appear to fill up. Each of these full carts is available to buy so even if you buy 1 batch of items it will immediately start to replenish that cart while you carry on playing the game (you don’t have top buy them all at once).

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