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Diggys Adventure-F.A.Q.

My game is loading slowly.

New content is being added to the game every week, this means new content needs to be downloaded first time after the update. You may also experience longer loading times during weekly update process due to higher server load.

My game isn't loading!

Please make sure the game isn't in fact loading, and is not just loading very slowly (refer to previous question).
Before contacting our support, please try these measures:
Try running the game in another browser
Clear your browser cache ('s-Cache )
Close other browser tabs
Try disabling your ad-blocking software temporarily
If none of this worked, please try to provide the most detailed information possible (the game is stuck on white screen or black screen, stuck in preloader and the green bar is not moving, etc. Attaching a screenshot is highly appreciated)

I received a windmill as a gift, but I don't see it in my inventory!

Received windmills can only be seen while visiting other friends' camps. In your friends' camps, a new button pops up right above the gift button (displaying current windmill status of that friend). When you click on it, your inventory shows up and you can then place the windmills in your friends' camps :) 
Only your friends can place windmills in your camp and you can also place windmills in their camps.

 can't click and / or move decorations (nor windmills) in my camp. Help?

Check your "decoration lock" on the right side of the bottom menu bar (Click on the little cog wheel to display more options and select the pink flower with a lock on). Maybe it's switched "on". Switch it "off" and then you can move your items.

Your portal page says I will receive 400 Gems with a purchase. I did purchase the lowest package. Where are my 400 Gems?

With the purchase of gems through our Portal ( you will be able to receive bonus gems. As advertised, the number of bonus gems varies according to the size of the package purchased. The highest package gives you a bonus of 400 gems.

I'm having a hard time solving a puzzle. Can you help?

Please note that most puzzles can be solved by clearing the whole map. You may find hidden levers, buttons or hints, which will help you with all the puzzles. If you are still clueless, please don't hesitate to contact us :)

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