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Wonder Way Hidden World Story-Domande e Risposte

"Beyond time" bar. Questions & Answers

Where can I get the Shards of time?
A pile of the shards spawns in the “Beyond time” bar every 10 minutes, but not more than 12 piles can exist at the same time. Besides, you can always buy these Shards in the “Saturn’s drawer”, which is located near the portal to the temporal pocket.

“I can't carry any more shards” - what should I do?
If Olivia has 100 or more shards in her pockets, she will not be able to pick up more shards from the piles. But this limit does not affect shards bought from the drawer, so you can grab as many shards as you want from there.

What is the Temporal pocket?
The temporal pocket is a special location where you can use your shards to clear the intertemporal garbage and get experience, mana, and different amounts of “wasted time”, which can be exchanged for decorations.

Attention! The Temporal pocket exists only for 24 hours. After this time it will be completely renewed - all chests, garbage and obstacles will reappear on the location.

There is only one “pocket” at the moment, but we are going to add additional locations of this type later.

What are the runes and where can I find them?
Runes are special items needed to pass different obstacles in the temporal pocket. You can find these runes only in the intertemporal garbage, so clear every pile very carefully not to miss anything!

How can I upgrade the Bar?
In order to upgrade the bar you need a special resource - the Time essence. It can only be found in purple chests and also in the intertemporal garbage but with a smaller drop chance.

I have upgraded the bar but the fence is still there. What should I do?
At the moment, the upgraded bar is not much different from the normal one. As soon as the game is updated, the fence will disappear and there will be something new available in the bar.

For how long will the quest be available?
This quest is beyond time, so laws of time do not affect it. Possibly it will last for eternity.

How can I find an item I need?

Click on question mark in the task menu on the top-left part of the screen.

What are friends for?

Mana. What is it?

Mana is all-propose magic resource, from wich you can craft many quest and Lilobus items!

What can i do in friends’ Lilobuses?

In friends’ Lilobuses, you can look at the decor and leave wisps.

How can i get new furniture or it’s looks?

You can find new items by completing game-quests.

What can i get for gathering Lilobus’ collections?

Gather collections and get more Diamonds!

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