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My items are missing

If you're missing items, college/university specialists, goods or coins, there are three most likely explanations for that:

They have been used in a quest

If a quest requires you to "Spend" the items, goods, coins or even specialists, this means that upon tapping the "Spend" button, they are consumed toward the quest. "Spending" something this way is irreversible.

They have been used to produce something else

The most common misconception concerns Cargo Port items and College graduates.

For example, Cargo Port can produce Planks, but Planks are also used each time you produce Wooden Beams. This means that 3 Planks will be instantly deducted when you start the production of a Wooden Beam:

The same goes for College trainees. E.g. you can train a Designer in College, but if you decide to train an Engineer at the University, 1 Designer will be used, i.e. disappear from your inventory along with 1 Mechanic:

They have been used to put out a fire

This only applies to Water units.
99% of the time the reasons above explain the disappearance of the items, goods or coins. However, if you are absolutely positive that an error has occurred or if you need a confirmation from our support team, please feel free to contact us for detailed information.

How to increase population cap

To increase population cap you need to construct "Infrastructure" buildings and complete super events (Flying Saucer, Superzilla, Supertanic Liner, etc.). After that you'll be able to build more Residences and attract new citizens to your city.

I don't receive some items from buildings

There are a few items in Supertown that are dropped at a low rate, i.e. not 100% of the time. Sometimes it may be hard to collect these items as random drop is unpredictable, but this is not a game error. Try to collect profit from these buildings more often and you will receive all the required items.

Items with a drop chance less than 100% include:

Tool kits,
"Fragile" stickers,
Unicorn locks,
All items dropped in your friends' cities.
Some event items may also be dropped at a random rate.

There are no fires in my city

There are certain limitations for fires:

A Water Tower should be complete,
A Fire Station should be in your city,
The Water Tower quest in the To-do List should be completed.
Keep in mind that fires appear randomly throughout the day, so you may have to wait before a fire ensues. If this doesn't help, force-close the app, open it again and wait for a minute or two. If there are still no fires, close the game and try to launch it later.

Note that fires don't appear when the app is closed or your device is in Sleep mode.

There are no cars on the roads

The cars will start moving after you complete the Superzilla quest and build the Bus Station.

Producing items doesn't count in a quest

If the condition of the quest reads "Produce items", it means that you will need to produce new items, and the ones that are already in your inventory will not be counted towards this quest.

I'm unable to buy a land expansion

Some expansions may be locked until certain requirements are met. These include:

Expansions to the left of the Railway Station: build the Railway Station,
Expansions to the right of the Railway Station: build the Airport,
Expansions beyond the Bridge: buy both expansions on either side of the river near the Bridge first,
Other expansions: reach the required level.

I can't ask my friend for help

Make sure that the following is true:

You are logged into Supertown using your Facebook account,
Your friend has Supertown installed on their device,
Your friend is logged into the game with their Facebook account too,
Your friend is in your friends list on Facebook,
You have not already asked them for help earlier today (you can only send one request per friend per day).

I can't move or store some buildings

Some of the buildings are stationary and cannot be moved or stored. These include:

Bus station,
Ski Resort,
Railway Station,
Jet Ski Rental Station,
Valley Bus Station,
Valley Station.

I can't rotate some City Sights

Some City Sights simply cannot be rotated.

How to get a Casino?

You can get a Casino by collecting four chips in the daily bonus: on the 5th day you may opt to get one chip instead of the free superbucks. Once you collect all four chips, you will be able to receive a Casino from the daily bonus window.

If you've accidentally lost your Casino after obtaining it from the bonus window, it should automatically appear in your Storage.

Casino gives 1 superbuck every 12 hours (more often if your friends help you). You can have up to 7 Casinos in your city.

How to rotate a fence?

Fences rotate automatically when you place a piece of fence next to another one.

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