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Party Town-F.A.Q.

What are the Daily-Login rewards?

Each day you login to Party Town you will earn Rewards such as (Coins-Lucky Points-Medals-Diamonds)

Where can I see the statistics of my Pet?

On the left side you will see a little bunny icon, if you can´t see your status click on the Icon.

To hide the status just click on it again.

How do I improve the Happiness of my Pet?

Visit the Supermarket and purchase any Brush/Feather or Perfume, than go back to your Home and Drag either one of the items which I’ve mentioned to your pet. It will make them super happy, like the one in below :D

 How do I improve the Hygiene of my Pet?

Visit the Supermarket and purchase any of the Soap or he Body Wash then go back to your Home and Drag either one of the items to your pet.

How do I improve the Health of my Pet?

Visit Greg´s Groceries and purchase any of the Food you can find there, than go back to your Home feed your your pet.

 How do I dress up my Pet?

Visit Fitting Fashion and purchase any clothes you would like your sweet pet to wear then go back to your home and click the Icon *Closet* and Drag the Clothes to your pet.

How do I buy Items and decorate my rooms?

Visit either one of these Shops:

Greg´s Groceries: you can buy Food for your Pet.
Super-Market: You can buy Items such as (Shelf, Bath tub,Mirror and many more) for your Pet.
Fitting Fashion: you can buy Clothes for your Pet.
Eric´s Electroniocs: you can buy Items such as (Lamp, Fridge, Clock, Tv and many more) for your Pet.
Fran´s Furnishings: you can buy Items such as ( Bed, Sofa, Chair, Table, Rug and many more) for your Pet.
Ravishing Renovators: you can buy Items such as ( Wallpaper, Tile, Wallsticker and many more) for your Pet.
Nan´s Nursery: You can buy Items such as (Seed, Flower, Tree and many more) for your Pet.
Luxury Shop: You can buy there many Special Items for your Pet.
Magic Shop: You can buy there many Different kind of mystery Boxes and Potions for your Pet.
Groovy Groomers: you can Change the look of your Pet.
Arcade: You can Play 3 Different type of Games there.

When you found the Item you want to purchase just click on the Item and click Buy, back to your Home and click on the Storage-Icon than drag the Item you just bought to your Room.

How do I sell my unwanted Items/clothes?

Click on the Storage/Closet Chest drag the Item you want to sell for coins to the yellow box icon on your left.

 How to send gift ?
Drag the Item you want to send to the Pink Gift box on the left side of your Storage/Closet, on the right top you will see a search bar there you can write your Friend´s name,than click on it and click send.

How do I compliment my Friends ?

Visit your Friend, on the right side of their Room you can see a thumbs up Icon Click on it. If you want to see which of your Friend gave you compliment just click on your thumbs up Icon at your Pet-house. You can just give/receive one compliment per day.

 How do I plant in my Garden and how to plant more than one seed at once?

Go to your garden -click on your storage/chest, drag the seed you want to plant to your field. Note: you can see how long the Flower needs to grow till you can harvest by clicking on the field! To plant more than one seed at once you will need to buy a new field, just click on the field you want to buy. Note: the higher your level the more field you can buy if your level is not higher enough you will receive a message where you can see which level you need to reach that you can buy the field:

How do I change my Pet look?

Click on the Icon *Groovy Groomers* you can change there your Pet look,Name and Gender:

How to expand my room ?

Visit the Magic shop you will find there 3 different Room expansion cards click on any you want to purchase, back to your home drag the card to the room which you want to enlarge.Note : You can use the card just once for each room.

How do I recycle my unwanted Items?

You can choose one of these 2 option, you either Recycle your unwanted items to the Wheel of Fortune or you sell them back to Shop. I would suggest to use the Wheel of Fortune because you can earn more coins by recycling the Item there than by selling them back to Shop!

How do I open a new room?

On the right top you can see your rooms click on the room you want to open, you will see there how much Coins it cost or which level need to be reached to get the room, some of the rooms need crystals to be open you can request your friends for Help or buy them with Diamonds:

 How can I own a House in the Street and what are the benefits for owning a Property ?

To buy a House you need to either visit the Main-street or click on the Icon –Trade Status, when you go to the Main-street click on the right button you will be able to see Pet houses from number 1 to 400. choose any house you click and click on it, there will come an option *Visit* or *Take over the Land unit* click Take over the Land unit and you will see how many Diamonds are required to buy the Land. Other option to buy a Land is go back to your home and click on the Icon *Trade status* you will be able to see there a list of different numbers from houses if you found the House you like click Take over.

Visit the Main street & Take over a Land unit:

Click on the Icon –Trade Status:

 How do I start a Relationship with one of my Friend´s Pet?

To start a relationship, go to your Friend's pet and propose. If he/she accepts. Voila !

How do I improve my pet’s intimacy?

You can increase the intimacy by feeding, bathing and playing with your partner, their meter should fill up to 100% to earn 1 point of experience, you can also purchase the love chocolate in magic shop, send once a day to your pet’s boy/girlfriend, it will increase the relationship by 2% each time, send once a day the Love envelope you can purchase it at the Magic-shop for 3 Diamonds and send to your partner it will increase your intimacy for 1%, or purchase the Love Rose at the Magic-shop for 3 Diamonds and send to your partner it will increase your intimacy for 3% and if you want it easy just purchase the Close card it cost 199 Diamonds in the Magic-shop and your Intimacy will increase to 100%!

How do I propose my Pet boy/girlfriend and get Married ?

To propose you need to send an engagement Ring from the Magic Shop to your love. If your Lover accept you will be Married. If the Proposal is refused your Intimacy will be back to Zero. Note: both Pet´s need to have reached Level 10 to get Married

 How do I get a Wedding Photo of them ?

You will need to Visit the Magic shop and Buy one of the Frames , back to your home and drag the Frame out to your Room then click on the Frame and you will be able to see a Camera-Icon on the right side down click on it and confirm to take a Photo of your Pet and her Lover, if your are not happy with the result just close without saving and you will be able to take a Photo again. After you took the Photo you will be able to change the Background Color choose any you Like and if you are Happy with the results just click the Save-Icon.

How do I activate the Love Garden and How to make it grow?

To activate the love garden you would have to get your pet married with his/her partner.

In order for your marriage to grow or rather your garden and your love it takes work! You have to increase your relationship Daily (for both parties) by feeding/entertaining/gifting/washing/compliment both your pets - Each one of these actions gives you love experience points the more your points go up the higher your level will grow.Also using the love potion (the little jar with the hearts) from the Magic-shop will increase each action you do for three days by 3exp points. If both parties do not do these everyday, the relationship level will decrease.

How do I enlarge my Love Garden?

You can enlarge the love garden by purchasing the love garden card in magic shop for 149 Diamonds, drag the Card to your Love Garden to extend. Note: When you get to level 6 you are then allowed to decorate your garden and this is where the fun begins you share the garden you can decorate it together!

How do I collect bless for my Love Garden and for what do i need bless?

To grow your Love tree, you need to accumulate blessings. Click on the bless bottle and there will be an option to either Ask Help from friends - this will be posted on your wall or to buy bless with Diamonds.

How can I be Single again?

You can End your pet’s Relationship/Divorce by purchasing the Free-Card in the Magic-shop, drag it to your Pet and it will dissolve your Relationship/Marriage. Note: If you are Married you wont get to keep your garden.

What are the Icons in the game?

What is Medal?

Every 5-7 day login to Party Town,you will receive 1 Medal. You can exchange the Medals for Items in the Magic-Shop. Every Item has a different Price.

How do I earn Coins?

Go to the arcade to play all 3 games. They will not only give you coins but experience to level up too or get Lucky Points. And if you are lucky enough you may win one of the lucky prizes.

Visit your Friends each visit you will earn 30 coins and even more if you entertain them -clean them and feed them. Watch out for garbage or poo in your Friends home. Clean them and they’ll give you points and coins.

Purchase the Gold Coin Fruit Tree and Spring Festival Tree in Nan´s Nursery Shop. Grow them in your garden and when it’s time to harvest, their fruits will give you coins.

Visit the Love Garden of your Friends, click on the heart with wings to get coins, items, experience or Lucky Points.

Go gardening in Pet Baby’s or your Friends garden. You can choose to either till,weed or water the garden. Each gardening session last 1 Hour. While your Pet work at your Friends garden you will not be able to do anything with your pet! The reward for each gardening session is 200 coins and 400 for Pet Baby, you are limited to do the gardening only 3time a day. Warning: if you do not click on your pet to go home after 1 hour gardening is up and the owner of the garden is around, he/she will be able to kick you out and take half of what you earned.

Recycle your unwanted items to the Wheel of Fortune – if you are lucky you can get a lot coins from there. The more items you put the more fortune points you get. Accumulate those Fortune Points to get bigger rewards on the Wheel.

Ask your Friends to send you Relaxed Red Tea (free gift) you can either use them for the Wheel of Fortune or sell them back to shop and earn 500coins each!

Can I earn Diamonds without purchasing FaceBook Credits?

You can earn diamonds by logging in every day, after 5-7 days, you will receive 1 diamond.

Can I change my default entrance to another Room?

Yes! Visit the Magic shop and buy the Guest Room Key,drag the Card to the room which you want to be your Living room.( you can set the Garden to be your living room aswell!) The card costs 9 Diamonds!

 How do I use the Wheel of Fortune and what can i get?

You need to recycle some items from your chest to get Fortune Points, there are different levels on the Wheel. (Tip: use relaxed tea it will give you 500 fortune points each you recycle)

What are the levels for the Wheel?

Levels for the Wheel:

No Level = 1 Lucky Points/2-15coins

Level 1 = 500 Fortune Points - 3-15 Lucky Points/ Pink Mystery box /400-2000 coins

Level 2 = 2000 Fortune Points – 10-25 Lucky Points/Yellow Mystery Box/3000-8000 coins

Level 3 = 8000 Fortune Points – 20-50 Lucky Points/Rose colored stripped Mystery Box/10000 & 30000 coins

For what do I need Lucky Points?

You will need Lucky points to open one of the Mystery Boxes from The Magic Shop.

Tip: If you don´t like the Item that you got from the Box you can exchange it for Lucky points again!

How do I get more Lucky Points?

To get more Lucky points, you have 5 choices!

Try your luck with the Wheel of Fortune.
Recharge using diamonds
Ask friends to help.
Play the Arcade Games

What is Mystery Box?

There are 3 type of Mystery Boxes:

Large Lucky Treasure Box: It costs 4 Diamonds and you will need 100 Lucky Points to open one.

Medium Lucky Treasure Box: It cost 400 Coins and you will need 50 Lucky Points to open one.

Small Lucky Treasure Box: It cost 200 Coins and you will need 20 Lucky Points to open one.

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