martedì 13 giugno 2017

Paradise Island 2-Sporting Festival Tournament

1. Take part in the Tournament!

Participate in our one-of-a-kind Tournament! Complete the special event quests with other players and gain rewards. Follow your common goal, earn Tournament points, and win the main prize! 

As soon as the event starts, you become a participant in the Tournament. Don’t forget to put the game in online mode before the end of the Tournament: only this way will your data be processed, enabling you to claim the reward.

2. Learn how to earn Tournament points!

Complete the tasks you see in the tab to earn Tournament points. The points you get will be reordered both in your Individual and Common Goals.
 Talk to a tourist on holiday = 1 point  
 Trade with Sam Watchyerhead  = 5 points  
 Hold Athletic Dances in the Palace of Sport  = 5 points  
 Hold an Athlete Party at the Palace of Sport  = 10 points  
 Hold a Sport Celebration at the Palace of Sport  = 13 points  
 Collect profits from the Get Swole Store = 27 points  
 Open a Sportsman’s Gift = 35 points  
 Place any holiday gift on your Island = 50 points  
 Collect profits from the Palace of Sport = 175 points  

3. Reach your Individual Goals!

An Individual Goal is a goal assigned to every player personally. Earn the required number of points, complete the Tournament tasks, and earn special rewards! You can always consult the Tournament tab to see how many points you have already earned and the time left until the end of the Tournament. 

4. Reach your Common Goals!

A Common Goal is assigned to all the Island owners to reach collectively. You can reach it collectively by earning the required number of points. Ask your friends, allies and other players for help, complete the common task together, and the main Tournament prize will be yours!

5. Climb to the top of the rankings!

The most active participants in the Tournament, Island owners who earned more Tournament points than anyone else, will gain a position in a special ranking. 

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