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Fashland Help

How do I earn more Diamonds?

You can earn Diamonds by winning a place in the Top 10 of the Fash Cup or by increasing your Tiara Level. The only other way to get Diamonds is to purchase them using real money or to participate in surveys/trial offers, which are not available in every country.


All About Fash Cup!

How do I vote in Fash Cup?
Simply open the voting window and start voting. For every pair, click on the avatar who a) you believe matches the theme and b) would have been voted for already. Votes cost Heartbeats. A correct vote earns you 1/5 of a Key. Since the percentage scores for each avatar change every time someone votes, you will guess correctly or wrongly based on chance and how other players vote.

Why is my vote “wrong?”
Since you earn Keys from voting in Fash Cup, the voting process is more than just choosing which you like better. Every time you vote, you are voting for the avatar you think matches the theme and/or was chosen by voters already.Your vote is counted as wrong if the pair you´re choosing between has already been seen by at least one other player AND you chose the less popular one.

How can I tell who is less popular if neither is dressed according to the theme?
In this case, cast your vote for the avatar you think is at least better dressed in order to have the best chance of winning 1/5 of a Key.

Why don't you just make a skip button?
It would throw off the game balance. Every time you don't vote for a pair, their scores are affected and you save a Heartbeat that the game expected you to spend.
Because each avatar is shown a roughly equal amount of times in Fash Cup, if you were able to skip a pair, that avatar would actually be voted on less than others, skewing the results. Some players choose to cross out the Fash Cup window if neither avatar matches the theme; in doing so, you are actually giving those two avatars a chance at scoring higher. The Fash Cup was designed so that voters would sometimes not know who to vote for, and a “skip” button would dramatically damage the results and the process of voting.

I feel like I keep seeing the same outfit over and over again. Why is this?
This is probably because they are beginning players who only have access to a few different pieces of clothing. In other cases you see repeat looks since players have a tendency to copy the winners or each other. If in doubt, simply refresh the game, because the Fash Cup will stop working if your game has been disconnected from the internet. In that case, the same 4 or 5 avatars will continuously appear and your votes will not be counted.

Do I really see players from all over the world in Fash Cup?
Yes. We cannot guarantee you'll see an avatar from every country participating, but each pair is generated randomly from the pool of global players.

I never see my neighbors' or friends' avatars. What's up with that?
While such an occurrence is possible, there is no way to know who your neighbors are while voting. Moreover, with 50,000-100,000 players in each Fash Cup, it is extremely rare to see someone you know. It is far more likely to see someone else wearing the same exact outfit as someone you know.

How are the results calculated?
During the contest, after every vote, the percentages of each avatar are updated. When the contest ends, the Fash Cup automatically deducts a small amount of points from avatars wearing something that was determined to not match the theme. This is not strict, however, as non-matching clothes/accessories can still win if they obtain enough votes. Moreover, those who get deducted points are extremes. For example, the system prevents winners wearing an entirely Bridal outfit in the office or Bikinis in the winter. Not every theme has this system. Finally, the top 10 rated unique avatars (generally above 93%) are chosen as the Global Top 10. No more than 1 of each dress or top/bottom combo can appear in the Global Top 10. This does not apply to the Country or Neighbors Top 10.

Does anyone have an advantage in Fash Cup?
We have had winners from every participating country worldwide AND at every level of the game. No one has an advantage as the results are calculated after every vote and everyone is shown roughly the same amount of times to players at any level. In addition, anyone can win the Fash Cup wearing any style at all. Your chances are highest if you know what is popular and are able to identify what matches or does not match the given theme.

How do I know what to wear for a given theme? Why don't the developers give guidelines?
We encourage players to be creative while dressing for the Fash Cup. We believe that every theme should be left open for interpretation so that the voting and the results are varied and interesting. Since the results are ultimately decided by what players choose, any guidelines from the developers would be meaningless. As general advice, it's always best to be creative and have an eye for trends in each theme. Since voters choose according to what is most popular in addition to what matches, the best possible strategy to earn Tiaras is to try a variety of different and creative looks for each theme to see how you score and learn what the voters did and did not like. Since only 1 of each combo/dress can appear in the Global Top 10, copying the winning looks is not advised.

If you don't make guidelines, why does Fash Cup even have themes?
The themes are in place to encourage players to try their luck and skill with a variety of styles and to avoid the same dresses/looks winning over and over. Without themes, the voting is reduced to a competition between just a fraction of the clothing/accessories the game has to offer. Our hope is that each theme generates results unique to that theme based on what clothing/accessories are available, the Fash Cup system, and the voting preferences.

Why can't we win Diamonds for being in the Country or Neighbors top 10?
This would be unfair for various reasons. People in countries with a small population of Fashland players would have a greater chance of winning Diamonds, and players in countries with many Fashland players would have less of a chance. Similarly, those with few neighbors could consistently win Diamonds, while those with 150 neighbors would have a smaller chance. The only place where everyone has a fair shot is on the global stage.

I entered a look for a themed Fash Cup, but the results show my previous design! What happened?
Are you 100% sure you're entering the right contest? The contest you dress up for is NOT the same as the contest you're voting on. You have to dress up for a contest in the 12 hours leading up to it. For example, do not dress up for the Aspen Winter DURING the Aspen Winter voting.

The same people always seem to be winning Fash Cup. Are they cheating?
We routinely check on any player that seems to be winning the Fash Cup over and over. If they are found to be cheating, we promptly ban them from the game.

Will the devs ever release a "master document" of all the styles that fit each theme?
No. After extensive analysis and testing, it was determined that this would result in players feeling limited and/or choosing more of the same looks in the dress-up and voting round. Therefore, no such document exists, and all styles have the possibility of winning 5 Tiaras or the Global #1 spot.

Will we be able to help one another with votes one day?
This would be unfair for new players and players with less friends. (It is possible to play the game with no friends if using Diamonds to complete quests). Therefore, the devs have not considered a campaign type voting system.

Are we up against a different person every time someone votes?
Yes. Your voting pair is a randomly generated player every time you are voted on.

How many times do we show up in voting in order to be able to get votes?
On average, players are voted on between 50-80 times each round. The amount of times you avatar is shown is random based on how many people entered the contest.

Are Fash Cup contestants ever computer generated?
No. However, there is a "random" button in the dress up menu, which may produce looks that are computer generated. It's definitely possible that some players use it before entering the Fash Cup. Also, when the game was first released, it was required to be at least level 10 to enter. Now, a level 1 player is entered automatically as part of the game's tutorial. This means that the majority of players in Fash Cup, day to day, are beginners.

I'm not happy with the way Fash Cup works. What changes can we expect?
The developers are releasing new content for the game on a bi-weekly basis. In terms of the Fash Cup, the developers are planning to add more themes and tweak the voting system as needed if the Top 10 results seem off. They are also looking to add more clothes in several categories to increase the variety seen during the voting and improve the global results. Feel free to tell us what you think would improve the Fash Cup or contribute your suggestions in the forum.

Why does my neighbors leaderboard seem to be changing?
If you have not refreshed your game since the results were announced, the neighbors' leaderboard will not be accurate. You have to refresh or open your game after the results are announced in order to see the "right" leaderboard results.

Why aren't my delivered products counting toward a quest?

This is because the quest is asking you to “Collect X by delivering X Style Products,” not “Display and Deliver X.” First you must deliver the product of the correct style and then you must also collect the item that randomly falls from the delivered products.

Collectible items (such as Shopping Bags, Peace Signs, and Paparazzi Cameras) fall from products of their style when you click deliver. You can collect them by clicking deliver and hovering the mouse over the item when it falls. You can also collect these collectibles from giving Glitter to clients or boosting your neighbors' displays.

The longer your display duration, the more likely it is that you'll see a collectible fall. Good luck!

How much time do we have until our products get dirty?
A product gets dirty in the same amount of time it takes to display it. So, a 4-hour product will get dirty 4 hours after it is ready to be delivered. For example, if you display a 2-hour pair of shoes at 4pm, they will be dirty at 8pm.

A product that was cleaned up by a visiting neighbor gets dirty depending on the game servers, but usually stays clean for about 1 week.

How much time do we have until our products get dirty?
A product gets dirty in the same amount of time it takes to display it. So, a 4-hour product will get dirty 4 hours after it is ready to be delivered. For example, if you display a 2-hour pair of shoes at 4pm, they will be dirty at 8pm.

Why is the game under maintenance? My products will get dirty!

Usually the Fashland team is prepared for maintenance and we will warn the players in advance. However, sometimes the game goes into an unplanned maintenance. In those instances, the developers send Mila to clean your products. Sometimes it takes 1-2 hours for Mila to reach everyone, so please wait a few hours before reporting the problem or spending Diamonds.

If for some reason your products are still dirty hours after unplanned maintenance, please open a new support ticket and the developers will clean up for you.

How do I earn more Coins?

The best way to earn Coins is by displaying and delivering products. Products are displayed over a period of time. When the countdown stops, you can deliver products and collect the rewards. The amount of Coins you earn depends on the display duration of the product, so choose longer displays in order to get more Coins! You can also visit neighbors, host style guests, and complete quests to earn Coins.

What's the main goal of the game? Why should I play it?
Fashland is a dress-up game designed for players who like fashion. There are several ways to play Fashland, but here are few of the game's main goals:
Play to expand your Fashion House and collect more decoration items to show your design skills and how far you've come in the game
Play to unlock products in the Dress Up menu with the aim of collecting all of the products in the game
Play to win the Fash Cup, a global themed contest that happens twice daily.
Play to complete your Chic List, a feature that awards you based on how much you've done in the game
Play to complete quests, level up, and collect Tiara Points that reflect your success in the game
Play to make new friends or help your friends that already love the game.

There are a lot of facets of Fashland.

I Don't Have Seasonal Style!
Is the quest asking you to "Wear Seasonal Style," but when you click "Show Me" you don't see anything? No worries! Just click the "Other" and "Accessories" tabs to find something from Seasonal. The quest will never ask you to Wear Seasonal Style if you don't have anything. You most certainly have at least one piece somewhere in the Dress-Up menu. 

Hope this helps!


Collectibles are found when delivering products. They drop randomly from time to time, whether they are from your own displays or found at your neighbors' fashion houses.

The key word here is randomly: there is no way to know which collectible will fall from a delivery, or if any collectible will fall at all. However, it is important to note that ALL products of a certain style have an EQUAL chance of dropping any item, regardless of duration or type. 

This means that in order to obtain, for example, Peace Signs, you can theoretically display all 1-minute Ripped Hippie Jeans of Boho Style, only, until you get them. In this way, you might be able to complete the quest faster, but you'll have to pay attention to items more carefully as they have a shorter display duration and can get dirty faster.

It is important to note that items with a longer display duration have a higher probability of dropping collectibles, however.

Don't forget that while you are waiting for your products to deliver, you can visit neighbors to find products of that style and deliver them for a chance to find the items you need. You can do this an infinite amount of times, provided that your neighbors' orders continue to need boosting.

In this case, to obtain Peace Signs, one strategy could be to deliver 1-hour Boho Style clothes together with friends, and boost each other's orders. If repeated, it shouldn't take long to get all the items you need.


I am trying to delete a neighbor from my neighbor's list. I can visit their shop but I can't find them on the neighbor's edit list. What's happening?

Your neighbor changed his or her name. They are still on your edit neighbors list somewhere, but with a different name. Try typing the name you see on your friend's bar into Facebook search, and their image and new name may show up in the search results. You can then search for them to remove them from your edit neighbors window. If that doesn't work, you can get in touch with us and we'll try to identify the mystery person for you.

Why can't I see a newly added friend in my game?

Chances are you have reached the limit of 150 neighbors and will have to remove someone to be able to add your new friend.

Your Fashion House

Why does it cost so much to expand?
With expansion positioned to be one of the main goals of the game, it is crucial that players are challenged. 

How do you Clean Floors?
Piles of clothing and accessories pile up on the floor at timed intervals, and clicking on them “Cleans Floors.” Usually you'll find your store gets dirtier after a lot of clients have come in and out, so keep your displays full if you're trying to Clean Floors for a quest.

How do you get Tiara Points?
Tiara Points are earned by entering the Fash Cup. You will earn at least two every time you enter, but more can be obtained by winning a position in the Top 10 worldwide, in your country, or among your neighbors. You can also earn one Tiara Point for voting 50 times on a Fash Cup theme.

How many Heartbeats can you get per day by helping out at neighbors' fashion houses?

How do I "collect from promotion stands"?
First, you'll have to have a promotion stand built in your Fashion House, such as "Bath Products." Once it has collected some Coins, all you have to do to collect is click it and that click will count toward the quest task.

How many promotion stands are there, and how many Simone quests do you complete to get them?
There are 21. The last one available is Magic Beauty Bath. After Fashion Magazines, each promotion stands is worth 10 more quests than the previous one. For example...

Bath Products = 8 quests
Cotton Candy = 15 quests
Fashion Magazines = 20 quests
Chocolate Cupcakes = 30 quests
Hair Care Products = 40 quests
Sun Care Products = 50 quests

and so on, until you hit Perfumes, which takes 100 quests to complete.
After that, you'll need to complete 120 quests, 140, 160, 200, and 240 for rest.

Wear Seasonal Style

The quest task is asking me to wear Seasonal Style, but I don't have any! What's wrong?

If you are being asked to wear Seasonal Style, you definitely have at least 1 Seasonal Style product. Be sure to check ALL of the dress-up categories, including shoes, bags, accessories, and miscellaneous. Good luck!


I don't have any more quests. What happened to them?
Mila's quests end at level 150. Gloria's quests end at level 203. Simone's quest never end and every quest of hers that you do is added to your total and will count toward the next promotion stand when it is released. Marco's quests are released roughly every two weeks and always offer at least 4 new products.

Will there be more quests for higher level players?

Yes. The development team is working on this now.

Not Getting Extra XP or Coins from Racks

I'm displaying products on a boosted rack, but I'm not getting extra XP or Coins. What's wrong?

The amount extra that you're going to get is already factored in the display menu. For example, if normally you get 100 XP from selling "x" item, the menu will write 130 XP. You won't see the original amount but you can compare the bonus by trying to display that product on a different, non-bonus rack.

How do I earn more Tiara points?

 Increasing your tiara points depends on your activity in Fash Cup. You need to join contests more to increase your tiara points! 

The higher you rank in the leaderboard the more tiara points you earn! 

You can also earn 1 Tiara Point for your first 50 votes in a Fash Cup theme. 

Problems with Surveys/Diamond Offers

Not all Diamonds are rewarded immediately. It may take up to 72 hours to get the Diamonds you are owed.

These offers are run by a third party, Trialpay.

Gamegos can't handle any issues with Trialpay or free diamonds offers, as stated in our Terms of Service.

Please contact Trialpay if you feel you were not compensated.

Problem with Event Request

My friend is accepting my request to join an event but I am not seeing their image appear. What's wrong?

Are you sure that your friends are helping you by accepting your request from their mailboxes under the Help category? Also, please keep in mind that requests may show up with some delays due to the server side communications between Facebook's friend list and us. Is it possible for you to run a test with one of your friend? Here is the steps you can do to run a test;

Send a request to one of your friend. (Only 1 friend, for testing easily)
Talk to your friend and ask whether he/she has got the request in the mailbox under Help category.
When he/she accepted your Help request check your Events menu to see the image of your friend there. Keep in mind that requests may reflect to your game a bit later.
Refresh your game until the image appears there.

We highly recommend you to try this a couple of times with different friends. Please let us know if you still think there is a problem.

Keep in mind that the friend joining your event must also be playing Fashland as your neighbor.

How do you play Fashion Slots?

Fashion Slots requires 4 Keys per spin, and players always win a prize for every spin. The game also offers five "gifts," which are products or decorations that are not available in any other part of the game.

The possible prizes are (in order of probability):
300 Coins
3 XP
5 Heartbeats
1 Key
A Gift (one of the four product prizes at the bottom of the Slots game)
30 XP
50 Heartbeats
10 Keys
10,000 Coins

Thus, 300 Coins and 3 XP are the most probable outcomes. 10 Keys and 10,000 Coins are very difficult to get. The probability of getting a gift is in the middle range. According to chance, the amount of Keys you need to spend to win all 5 items could be as low as 100 or as high as 2,000.

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