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FarmVille Tropic Escape-The Summer Soiree Quests Guide

It's the resort's peak season, and there couldn't be a more perfect time to throw an elegant Summer Soiree!

Kate just had the incredible luck of booking Shayde, a high-profile pop star, to perform in the fancy beach Party; however, her contract requires that you complete the party and stage to her satisfaction.

If you are at least Level 8, you'll get to see and interact with Shayde's bodyguard, Big Mike, to help you get the party started and make it an ultimate hit!

Start the event by crafting Collection Items at the Party Boat or searching Party Supply crates.

To search Party Supply crates, you’ll need to craft Crowbars at the Party Boat.

Find Steel Bars by sending Guides and Guests to the landmarks to make Crowbars.

Finish all the stages on or before the June 18, and win an exclusive time with Shayde, who will stay at your island for the next 30 days!

Also, you and your Beach Buddies can exchange Party Favors for more rewards. Reach each Party Favors milestone to earn these prizes!

Note: Party Favors can also be won from completing a Stage.

Complete the collection of Party Favors to win the exclusive Fireworks decoration!

Temporary Island Guide: Mindy, the teenage fan!

You have the option to hire Mindy as a temporary Guide to help you out during the “Summer Soiree” Event. She’ll give you a higher chance of finding rare event ingredients at the landmarks. Please be aware that she is temporary, and will leave your island once the event is over.

Summer Soiree Collection and Crafting Items:

Stage 1
* Marinated Fish
* Spice Bush
* Paper Lanterns

Stage 2
* Crab Towers
* Champagne Glasses
* Champagne

Stage 3
* Centerpieces
* Fire Lighters
* Table Cloths

Stage 4
* Dance Floor
* String Lights
* Fireworks

Note: Collection Items from Party Supplies do not go into the Boathouse, but count towards completing each stage. Crafting parts go into your Boathouse and can be traded.

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