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Paradise Island 2-Happy Easter 2017:Guida

The whole Island is celebrating Easter! In light of the occasion, we have organized a unique tournament, so join the fun! Complete special quests with other players to receive amazing holiday rewards, and don’t forget about the event that is going on either! If you complete all of its stages, you will receive cool new accessories that improve your buildings’ stats. If you meet all the requirements in time, you’ll get the unique Feathered Beauty Hotel as a reward! 

Give your best wishes to tourists on holiday 

In return, they’ll give you Elegant Eggs! 

Get gifts from special guests!

Roger Easterson has Holiday Baskets just for you. Open them to get Elegant Eggs and Exquisite Eggs. 

Bugs Easterson has amazing Easter Baskets, inside of which you’ll find Exquisite Eggs and Glamorous Eggs! 

Find amazing decorations for your resort!

Inside one of Easter Baskets, there’s an amazing Lucky Bunny. Don’t miss the chance to get your hands on it! 

Collect holiday resources!

They will come in handy once you start constructing and upgrading holiday buildings. 

Build a new diner!

Gather the required amount of holiday resources and use them to construct the Poached Diner. This place serves the most unbelievable egg dishes.  

 Upgrade it to get even more profits!

 Get unique accessories!

Complete the stages of the event to get your hands on unique accessories, which you can use to produce additional electricity in your power plants. 

Complete the last stage to get ahold of the unbelievable Collectible Bunny. Add it to any power plant’s slot, and the plant will generate 50% more electricity! 

Easter accessories:

Increases the output of electricity by 25 units. 

Increases the output of electricity by 20%. 

Collectible Bunny

Increases the output of electricity by 50%. It can only be used on the power plants that are available from the store and the power plants currently on special offer. 
7. Wish your friends a happy holiday!

Send amazing gifts to your friends! 

 Get the Feathered Beauty Hotel as a gift!

If you meet all the event’s requirements in time, the unique Feathered Beauty Hotel and a special statuette will be yours! Good luck!

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