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The Treasure Madness-A Spicy Trip Quests Guide

At the end of the 15th century, two powerful empires, Spain and Portugal, became enthusiastic about the new conquests of new lands. Their goal: to own new territories and buy spices that were sold extremely expensive. Very Spicy dishes, the preservation of the meats, the pharmacy, the perfumes required enormous quantities. At that time, the world map became more and more precise thanks to the discoveries: Columbus in 1492 reached America, Vasco da Gama in 1497 arrived in India by passing Africa but many lands remained unexplored and no one had envisaged to go around the world ... Magellan in 1519, wants to find a new road to go in these legendary spice islands by bypassing America and prove practically that the Earth is well round! Finding no support in Portugal, he put himself at the service of Spain. King Charles V gave him five old ships to accomplish his journey. On September 20, 1519, the expedition left Seville for an extraordinary adventure. After a year, a shipwreck, a revolt and the desertion of a nave, Magellan finds the famous strait that bears his name. Magellan opts for peaceful behavior when the expedition arrives in the Philippines. Magellan is well received by the sultan of Humunu but is killed by a wren: "Lapu-Lapu". On 8 September 1522, the last boat, the Victoria finally arrives in Seville with 18 men out of the 265! The spices shipped to Ternate will reimburse all the expenses incurred, plus a profit of almost 500,000 Maravedis, an old Spanish currency. A world tour awaits you with Magellan and his crew through the 7 new maps, including 1 VIP, and the 7 new collections, including 1 premium!

8th of August:

Map: Eleanor's court basically was an fostering college
Collections to unravel: Page at the court / Treasures from the Mactan Island

Map: Makes Me Think About the Boat Song by This Lil' Carpenter, Wood Kid!
Collections to unravel: Francisco de Almeida and Magellan / Page at the court

9th of August:

Map: Why you should go to your college library
Collections to unravel: Hanging in the Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal / Francisco de Almeida and Magellan

10th of August:

Map (VIP): Within the Sublime Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See
Collections to unravel: All collections from the serie Magellan

11th of August:

Map: We're gonna bend ALL the trees in Azemmour!!
Collections to unravel: Azemmour invaded / Hanging in the Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal

12th of August:

Map: This sure is a narrow sea!!
Collections to unravel: Treasures linked to the Strait of Magellan / Azemmour invaded

13th of August:

Map: Lapu Lapu still is a big man, you see!
Collections to unravel: Treasures from the Mactan Island / Treasures linked to the Strait of Magellan


Note that the Argentina series has been reopened for 1 week.

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