martedì 1 agosto 2017

The Treasure Madnes-The Ivory Independance Day Guide

Once a year, Ivorians celebrate the acquisition of independence from France, which took effect on August 7, 1960. Celebrate this event with the TM team! In the Ivory Coast, everyone can find something to be satisfied. The musicians will be able to discover typical instruments such as La kora, a stringed instrument, or the balafon or the djembe. Art fans will marvel at pottery, ivory, gold or wooden objects. This country is full of enriching and exotic activities. Moreover, the attachment to traditional beliefs is very strong. There are many fidelists who perpetuate ancestral rites such as the "tontine", a practice that symbolizes the spirit of mutual help among Africans; it's a sort of savings bank between friends or neighbors. From the sky, Ivory Coast looks like a painter's palette: a big touch of green to represent the density of the forest, a white filet for its white sand beaches and yellow locks for savan mandé and Senoufo, which represent two regions of the West. But that's not all, we could add a hint of brown for its reliefs, ribbons of ocher for the tracks of laterite (a red rock present in tropical countries) or blue for its lakes ... Ivory Coast reveals a multitude of colors rivaling vivacity. From the bottom, Ivory Coast strikes us violently with its socio-cultural, economic and architectural contrasts. The neoclassicism of Yamoussoukro, the capital of the country since 1983, and the traditional habitat of remote villages, such as those in the Yacouba countries of the Man Region, Senoufo on the side of Korhogo, there is a gulf! TM invites you to live an unmissable experience in Ivory Coast through the 7 new cards, including 1 VIP, and the 7 new collections, including 1 premium!

1st of August:

Map: Coffee and Cocoa: Ivory Coast is the Hod Drinks Land!
Collections to unravel: Ivorian symbols / Some Ivorian delicacies

Map: A Press Conference For Peace
Collections to unravel: Some Ivorian delicacies / Personalities from Ivory Coast

2nd of August:

Map: What an Impressive Art Gallery!
Collections to unravel: Personalities from Ivory Coast / Art from Ivory Coast

3rd of August:

Map (VIP): Wildlife in the Superb Taï National Park
Collections to unravel: All collection from Independance Day of Ivory Coast series

4th of August:

Map: The Colonial City of Grand-Bassam
Collections to unravel: Art from Ivory Coast / Architecture in Ivory Coast

5th of August:

Map: The Crocodile Palace in Yamoussoukro
Collections to unravel: Architecture in Ivory Coast / Ivorian wildlife

6th of August:

Map: A Generous Land and a Prey to Greed
Collections to unravel: Ivorian wildlife / Ivorian symbols


Note that Jungle Book and Through the Looking Glasse series have been reopened for 1 week.

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