martedì 11 luglio 2017

The Treasure Madness-Pure Wonders Guide

The Seven Wonders of the World are in the spotlight this week! Discover these monuments of Antiquity renowned for their magnificence and their incredible architecture. Even if some of them are beyond our memory, the Seven Wonders of the World always shine with the same brilliance in our history. Around 225 BC, Philo of Byzantium drew up a list, including the Zeus of Olympia, the Lighthouse of Alexandria, the temple of Artemis at Ephesus, and The Great Pyramid of Egypt. They are all situated within the limits of the empire of Alexander the Great. To discover them, you have to follow the steps of this conqueror. If the Pyramids of Egypt seem to defy time, it has not been the same for the other Wonders. The Zeus of Olympia and the Lighthouse of Alexandria have disappeared. This is why the organization New Seven Wonders launched in 2007 a big vote with the Net surfers of the whole world in order to designate seven new wonders. More than 100 million people took part in this giant survey, which was not official, as UNESCO did not wish to be associated with the operation. In conclusion, you can find these old monuments dating from Antiquity and others of the 20th century. Travel through the different continents and discover the amazing wonders of yesterday and today thanks to the 7 new maps, including 1 VIP, and the 7 new collections, including 1 premium!

11th of July: 

Map: Cybele, Diana or Artemis, she was and always will be a charismatic goddess!
Collections to unravel: Around the Temple of Artemis / Within Machu Picchu

Map: This Is Not Just a Temple, This Is a Whole City!
Collections to unravel: Within Petra / Around the Temple of Artemis

12th of July: 

Map: In the Port of Alexandri', There Are Sailors Who Sing Collections to unravel:
Around the Pharos of Alexandria / Within Petra 13th of July:

Map (VIP): Let's focus on Queen Hetepheres, shall we?
Collections to unravel: All collections from Seven Wonders serie

14th of July:

Map: The Biggest City of the World At This Time!
Collections to unravel: Within Cahokia / Around the Pharos of Alexandria

15th of July: 

Map: I Can't See No Hermes in that Temple of Zeus...?
Collections to unravel: Around the Statue of Zeus at Olympia / Within Cahokia

16th of July: 

Map: The Ancient City Skyline
Collections to unravel: Within Machu Picchu / Around the Statue of Zeus at Olympia


Note that the serie Extraordinary Voyages has been reopened for 1 week. 

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