martedì 25 luglio 2017

The Treasure Madness-The Noble Knight Guide

Don Quixote is an adventure novel written by Miguel de Cervantes and published in two volumes in 1605 and 1615. His eponymous hero influenced all the Spanish culture, and the world's fame contributed to the enthusiasm created for Hispanic language and culture. This novel traces the travels and adventures of Don Quixote. Troubled by the novels of Spanish chivalry, our hero intends to resuscitate this ideal of nobility. Don Quixote proclaims himself knight errant and begins to fight evil across Spain on his horse: Rocinante. Despite adventures, Don Quixote remains faithful to himself and continues his journey at all costs. The two parts of the work differ a little bit: one has a comical and light content, while the other is more serious and philosophical. To be precise, the second part was published under the divergent title of "Second part of the ingenious Knight Don Quixote de la Mancha", with knight instead of noble. Cervantes will kill his hero at the end of the second volume of his novel, so that he will never be resuscitated by another writer. Don Quixote breaks with medieval literature and imposes himself, by his narrative techniques, by his internal movements, by the very intervention of the author inside his text. The work is an integral part of the Spanish culture and is a major element of the literature of this country. It's often cited as the first modern novel, and still stands at the top of the list of the most important works of all time. Fight the evil with an intrepid knight through the 7 new cards, including 1 VIP, and the 7 new collections, including 1 premium!

25th of July: 

Map: Alonso Quijano becomes Don Quijote
Collections to unravel: Items from the knighting / Souvenir of Don Quixote's ennemies

Map: Sheep! Sheep everywhere! My kingdom for a bunch of sheep!
Collections to unravel: Items from the windmills / Items from the knighting

26th of July: 

Map: That did not take the wind out of his sails
Collections to unravel: Items from the sheep imbroglio / Items from the windmills

27th of July: 

Map (VIP): Aeolus may be a cheeky monkey
Collections to unravel: All collection fro Don Quixote serie.

28th of July: 

Map: Courtly love is in the air!
Collections to unravel: Items from Barataria / Items from the sheep imbroglio

29th of July: 

Map: Squire Panza is going to rule the Barataria Island!
Collections to unravel: Belongings of a hidalgo / Items from Barataria

30th of July: 

Map: It is time for the blazing Alonso Quijano to get off the stage
Collections to unravel: Souvenir of Don Quixote's ennemies / Belongings of a hidalgo

Note that the serie Through the looking glass has been reopened for 1 week.

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