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Magic Island-F.A.Q.

What happens when I do work on my friend’s land?

You’ll be helping your friends in the first place. By accepting your help, they get all the bonuses they would receive by doing the work themselves, without consuming any Energy. As for you, you can earn Experience, coins, and even some materials on your friend’s land. However, the materials drop rate is much lower than on your own land.

How many friends can I have in the game?

Your in-game Friends list can show no more than 100 people. If more than 100 of your friends are playing the game, your Friends list will display 100 random friends every time.

What are the limits on sending gifts to my friends and receiving them?

You can send 1 free gift to each friend a day, up to a maximum of 20 free gifts total. You can receive all the gifts you get - there’s no limit on that.

Where do I get Gems?

You can always buy Gems for the social network currency.
You can also earn them for logging into the game daily. You get 1 Gem for visiting the game for 5 consecutive days and 2 Gems for 10 consecutive days.
You can win Gems in the free daily lottery.
You can get them by reaching a new level - except for every 5th level, when you get Energy.
You can get them for sharing the news about game updates with your friends.
Sometimes you can earn Gems by sharing the news about your progress - completing quests and reaching new levels - with friends.
The game often has other ways of getting Gems for free or at special prices. Keep your eyes open for our special offers!

Where do I get extra Energy?

Your maximum Energy is increased by 1 pt at every 5th level.
You can cook a supply of Energy foods in the kitchen.
You get 1 Energy and 100 coins for visiting your neighbors in the game.
Every 6 hours you can send a notification to a random friend in the game and get 5 Energy. You don’t have to wait for your friend’s reply: you get the Energy at once.
The Enchanted Bench that you get at the beginning of the game yields Energy.
White cats available in the market also yield Energy. You will need to complete a special quest to be able to keep cats.
Yogurt Cake available in the market for Gems restores your Energy completely and increases your maximum Energy by 1.
You can keep your eyes open for our special offers to buy various animals and decorations that yield Energy.

How do I sell or move paths and lawns?

To do it, select a special cursor in the cursors menu at the bottom right. Then, click the object that you want to sell/rotate.

Why can’t I expand the game to full screen?

Perhaps, you have minimized the panel containing the Full screen button. Look for a transparent tab with two white gearwheels at the bottom left of your screen, above the Gifts button.

I had a quest to grow an animal/tree. It grew, but the quest didn’t get completed. Why?
The quest gets completed at the moment when the object (animal/tree) grows from the middle stage into the grown stage. If the quest didn’t get completed, in most cases it means that you accepted it when your animal was already grown, which you didn’t notice. You will have to grow a new animal/tree to complete the quest.

How soon do plants wither?

Don’t worry, plants in Magic Story don’t wither or die :) You will find them right where you planted them.

Why don’t materials drop often enough?

Most materials don’t drop every time: they have a drop rate. Don’t worry, it’s part of the game balance :) Besides, the drop rate on your friends’ land is always much lower than on your land.

Where do I get ducks, frogs, and turtles?

To breed frogs, ducks, and turtles, you need to build a Pond. After you’ve built a pond, click it and select Enter in the window that will open. To breed turtles, you need to upgrade the Pond to level 2. Please keep in mind that you won’t be able to enter the Pond and breed animals while it’s being upgraded! When the upgrade is complete, you will be able to do it again.

Where do I get roots?

You can obtain roots by feeding grown Treants. You will unlock the Treants by completing the first quests in the Magic Forest quest line.

Every time you want to get a new goatling, you need to use a new Goat Wand - they can be crafted in the Workshop or in the Wand Generator. Click the Wand Generator and select Enter in the window that will open.

Where do I get the Gray Goatling and the Female Goatling?

How do I store animals and decorations and move them from one island to another?
At level 25, you will get the quest line Masters of Illusion. Complete it to get a new building - a Warehouse where you will be able to store animals, decorations, and some other objects. The Warehouse will also enable you to move these objects from one territory to another.

My materials and Gems disappeared! How could that happen?

Materials don’t disappear by themselves; it is technically impossible. Most likely, you have spent them on something accidentally, for example, confirmed the completion of a quest that required these materials. The same for Gems: they cannot disappear by themselves, it is technically impossible.

Why didn’t I get the bonus quest?

Most likely, you didn’t manage to get the bonus quest on time - the number of bonuses was limited.
The game doesn’t work/won’t load.
The matter is that the game requires certain resources. If the game runs too slowly, try not to open other browser tabs and applications while playing. Besides, the following actions might be useful:
Make sure you have the latest Flash Player version. Often the game stops working when the version is outdated.
Check your Internet connection speed. Often a low connection speed or frequent disconnections are the reason why the game doesn’t load well enough or the objects/the background are loading too slowly.
Update your browser to the latest version or try a different browser.
Clear your browser cache.
Clear your Flash Player cache.
If none of the above helps. please contact Technical Support.

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