martedì 6 giugno 2017

The Treasure Madness-Vikings' Heritage Guide

In the history of mankind, most explorers in search of discovery head south. Not Vikings! They set sail to the north, to the over-playful and freezing seas, and arrived on an island, which they named Snaeland, land of snow, then Iceland, land of ice. Only a small Irish Monk community, called "papar", had been present in Iceland for several decades. At the end of the ninth century, the settlement of Iceland began with the establishment of the first village in Reykjavik created by Vikings. Very quickly many communities appeared throughout the territory. For more than 50 years, Norwegian settlers lived as clans, building small villages, until 930, when clan leaders decided to unite and found a free country. To do so, they created the Althing Icelandic parliament, which is the oldest Parliament in Europe. This Viking cultural heritage is still present in Iceland, with "Viking Metal" bands for example, or even museums dedicated to this historical period. Nowadays, the country's policy is different, it’s managed by a president elected by universal suffrage. But it doesn’t prevent the emergence of the Pirate Party, founded in 2012 and which defends ideologies in favor of the welfare-state. Mountains, waterfalls, aurora borealis or even deserts, give to this country a fairytale aura. You too can set out to colonize Iceland and enjoy the stunning scenery of this island through the 7 new maps, including 1 VIP, and the 7 new collections, including 1 premium!

6th of June: 

Map: Hallgrímskirkja, a Church That Mirrors the Land
Collections to unravel: Reykjavik / Iceland, modern democracy

Map: At Reynisfjara Beach, Rocks Play it like the Church
Collections to unravel: Sport in Iceland / Reykjavik

8th of June: 

Map: The famous Blue Lagoon thermal spring!
Collections to unravel: Iceland, a Viking heritage / Sport in Iceland

Map (VIP): Aurora Borealis
Collections to unravel: All collections from Iceland

9th of June: 

Map: Kirkjufell, the beautifully shaped mountain
Collections to unravel: Icelandic culture influencing the world / Iceland, a Viking heritage

10th of June: 

Map: Rythme and Flow at Gullfoss Falls
Collections to unravel: Wonders of the island / Icelandic culture influencing the world

11th of June:

Map: Skaftafell Ice Cave
Collections to unravel: Iceland, modern democracy / Wonders of the island

Note that the Syttende Mai and Finland series has been reopened for 1 week.

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