martedì 13 giugno 2017

The Treasure Madness-Big Brother Is Digging For You:Guide

Eric Arthur Blair, better known as George Orwell, was born on June 25, 1903 in India, in a middle-class English family. Less than a year after his birth, his family returned to live in England. As a young adult he took the police uniform and returned to India to serve in Burma. But these experiences will leave a bitter taste in Orwell's mouth. He will, however, draw from it a book, “Burmese Days”, which already reflects the author's fascination for the neediest. We can indeed perceive the first thoughts of a protesting spirit becoming aware of human misery. He returns to England in 1927 to devotes himself to the writing of a new work. He seeks inspiration with his exploration of the shallows of London, and then of Paris, to meet poor people. From his time spent on the street, living on little, this allows him to write “Down and Out in Paris and London”. In 1936, just back in London, he publishes his book on the living conditions of miners in the north of England, “The Road to Wigan Pier”. This is a turning point in the life of the author, which strongly reflects his social ideals and his struggle against injustice and poverty. In 1943, he begins to write a new caricatural novel, “Animal Farm”. The history of the USSR inspires him with a satire in which he criticizes totalitarian regimes through speaking animals. This work will not be the only one to have a resounding and timeless success. Indeed, in 1949 he published his most famous dystopian narrative, “Nineteen Eighty-Four”. The main figure of the novel, Big Brother, becomes an emblematic figure of authoritarian regimes where surveillance is omnipresent. Come discover a visionary by reading between his lines through the 7 new cards, including 1 VIP, and the 7 new collections, including 1 premium!

13th of June:

Map: A Burmanese Scene with No One to Save the Day
Collections to unravel: Birmanese souvenirs / Dystopian items

Map: Down and Out in London and Paris
Collections to unravel: Key elements in Orwell's life / Birmanese souvenirs

14th of June:

Map: Documenting the Life of the Industrial Desembodies
Collections to unravel: Milestones in Orwell's political awareness / Key elements in Orwell's life

15th of June:

Map (VIP): Eric Blair at Eton, before George Orwell
Collections to unravel: All collections from George Orwell serie

16th of June:

Map: No Pasaran!
Collections to unravel: Souvenirs from the Spanish Civil War / Milestones in Orwell's political awareness

17th of June:

Map: A Political Bestiary: how to manage a farm for the dummies
Collections to unravel: Characters from a political farm / Souvenirs from the Spanish Civil War

18th of June: 

Map: Pig Brother Is Watching You
Collections to unravel: Dystopian items / Characters from a political farm

Note that the Aesop's Fables serie has been reopened for 1 week.

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