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Marketland-F.A.Q:Domande e Risposte

Your Market

How do I design my Market?
You can find all decorative items in the decorations menu which can be accessed by clicking the “Build” button below the game screen. After clicking Build button, you can relocate your items and after you finish editing your market, you must click on the "Save" button located on the right.

Can I change my cashier's personal appearance?
You can change all your cashiers' uniforms and styles. Find the “Outfits” icon in the menu below and click on it to see the options.

How do I expand my store?
The “Expand” button is placed in the menu below, symbolized with two side arrows. On condition that you have enough coins or enough neighbors or just buy paying Marketland Cash, you can do it with one click.

How do I level up?
Serving products on displays, completing quests and collections and visiting neighbors give you the opportunity to fill the XP bar more quickly. As you earn more XP, you level up faster! Besides, Marketland customers give you useful tips. Click on customers to learn the positive or negative comments about your store. Follow their recommendations to progress faster.

How do I order a product?
There are three suppliers for each product; you can see the arrival time, quantity, cost and reward before giving your order. Click on a display and select one of the suppliers to give your order.

Do I have the chance to store products for later use?
When your display is overloaded, you can stock your products in the Stockroom for later use. Your Stockroom has a max capacity, but you can upgrade it with your Product Cards.

Marketland Bingo

Marketland Bingo is designed to be completed with the use of Product Cards or Marketland Cash. It always includes 5 gifts, one of which can only be won if the first four products have already been won.

Every player's Bingo board is the same, but the order in which numbers are drawn is completely random.

To get a Bingo, you need to have five squares green in a horizontal row. You cannot get a Bingo by connecting vertically or diagonally. Each row of the Bingo board represents one of the products at the bottom of the window. After your first Bingo (regardless of the row you completed), you will be awarded one of the four gifts (the order that you win the gifts in is random).

If you choose to spend Markteland Cash on Bingo, the price of each square varies. The first complete square in each row costs 1 Cash. The next square in that row will cost 2 Cash. The third costs 3 Cash, and so on, making it more expensive to buy numbers that bring you closer to a Bingo.

Bingo gifts are exclusively available during the 2-week period after the minigame is released. There is always a chance to buy the gifts with Cash at the end of the game if you are not able to win them during the normal timeframe.

Spin and Win/Super Boss Slots

Spin & Win Super Boss Slots game that resembles real-life slots in that it is entirely based on chance. Using Product Cards to play is a gamble and does not guarantee you will win any of the gifts offered. You do win at least a small prize every round, but there is no limit the number of Product Cards you will spend if you are working to win all five prizes on offer.

Please do not submit tickets asking why you are not winning Super Boss Slots. It's a game of chance and whether or not you win is based on your individual luck. Some players may win quicker/slower than others, while other players may not win anything at all.

You will automatically win the fifth gift after the fourth gift is won.
Gifts are awarded in a random order.

How do I Shut Off the Music?

 Music can be turned on or off by clicking the Settings button in the game as shown in the screenshot below.

No Customers or Unhappy Customers

I don't get any customers. What's wrong?
Are you sure your store is Open? Check the Open/Closed sign. A Closed market will not get any customers.

Alternatively, be sure that there is enough space at the cash register for new customers to enter. Customers will turn away from a crowded store. To solve this issue, purchase more cash registers.

My customers are unhappy. What's going on?
Unhappy customers have marginally less budgets than happy ones. It's important to keep your customers happy in order to maximize your earning. Customers can get angry when one of the following happens inside your store:
No products on display
Products are out of their budget
Not enough product variety
Little space to move
Cannot use Coin-Op Items or Attractions
Cannot reach displays
Cannot reach cashiers
Store is dirty

You need to keep your displays full and you should have at least one product type suitable for every budget. There are many customer types displayed in the Luxury Points window - you should have suitable products for all of the unlocked types.

Celebrity customer isn't coming to my store!

This is not a technical issue or glitch.
Celebrity customers like Thief, Witch, Alien, etc is programmed to come at certain intervals, and some come more frequently than others. Here are some things you can do to increase your chances of seeing that customer:

You can buy a Celebrity Hot Spot, make sure it's charged, and put it in your store. 
Don't forget to keep your market open and your shelves stocked all the time.
Launching campaigns help a lot. More customers mean more celebrities. 

Don't forget, these quests are mean to be challenging. Please try the steps above, before submitting a ticket. 

E-Commerce Machine FAQ

How do I get the machine?
Players will get a quest at or near level 20 that rewards the E-Commerce Machine.  If you have completed the quest, you will find the E-Commerce Machine in your inventory.

What do I do with the machine?
You need to place the machine in your store and click on the blue flashing arrow above it to activate the first set of goals. As soon as you click the blue arrow a 24-hour countdown begins. Each goal consists of 3 items (displays) that you must order, "stock all" goods into the stockroom when the order is ready, then you will click to deliver to E-Commerce customers (NOT your store customers).

Where should I place the machine?
Most players place their machine in the upper half of their store, so visiting neighbors can easily see the displays. You should make a special E-Comm area large enough to accommodate the machine and the 3 displays for your goal. It is your responsibility to make it easy for visitors to find your E-Comm displays. Don't expect them to search all over to find loose displays scattered around your store. Putting a different color floor tile in that area and  surrounding the area with barricades, lights, or anything that will draw attention will help. Visit other stores to see how they are set up to attract attention.

Will I be able to meet the deadline?
If you place your machine and displays prominently, many of your visiting neighbors will click to speed up the orders so you meet the deadline. Check often to see if a visitor has clicked on them so you can clear those clicks. No one else can speed them up if you haven't cleared the previous help. If you get close to the deadline and your orders won't be ready in time, comment under the "I Need Speed Up Help" post and let members know you need help right away.

How do I order and stock the required items?
Click on the machine to see what 3 displays are needed for the goal, and how many of each item you need to fulfill the goal. You will see a button beneath each item that will take you to the display ordering page. You may already have some items out in your store. If you do, it is IMPORTANT that you click on "stock all" to empty the display and put the items into your stockroom. You need to "stock all" BEFORE you order more to fulfill the required number of that item. That will empty the display so your store customers don't buy them. Remember, these orders are ONLY for E-Commerce customers, so you will need to barricade the displays from store customers if the display isn't empty.

Once you "stock all"  place the 3 empty display cases into the area you set up for your E-Commerce business. Then click to order enough to reach your goal. Look at your options carefully. Sometimes you get more by placing a 12-hour order 2 times, rather than one long 1-day order.

I am unable to "stock all" before I place an order because I already have an order started. What do I do?
It's bound to happen once in a while. You should still put that display into your E-Commerce area, but make sure you put a barricade around it so you store customers don't buy any. That's why you'll see barricades around most of your neighbors' E-Commerce areas.

How do I deliver the items to my E-Commerce customers?
When a shipment arrives, click the display and click "stock all" to put the entire shipment into your stockroom. When you have enough to meet the goal, the button for that item in the machine will say 'deliver". Click it and your done with that one! Do the same with the other items. If there is any stock left over, you will find it in your stockroom and you can put it in your displays. Now you are ready to move your displays to make room for the next ones. Congrats!

What rewards will I get for completing goals?
You will receive coins, cards, coin ops or attractions. You won't know until you have the needed thumbs for that goal. There are hundreds of goals, so the rewards are plentiful!

What happens if I miss the deadline?
The machine simply moves ahead to the next set of goals for you to start. 

What if I will be away from my store or I want to take a break from doing E-Commerce goals for a while?
After you complete a set of goals, you can put the machine back into inventory until you want to work on another goal, or leave it in the store but don't click on the blue arrow. Remember that if you click on the blue arrow above the machine, the clock starts! 

Using Cards

What do Shopper Cards serve for?
Shopper Cards increase a customer’s budget limit 3 times but you can give only one Shopper Card to one customer. Click on Shopper Cards and then on a customer to give him/her a Shopper Card before he/she leaves your store. Visit your friends, level up, or share your progress on your Facebook timeline to earn more Shopper Cards. If you click on a friend’s Marketland post he/she shared, you will earn 1 Shopper Card. You can always buy Shopper Cards with your Marketland Cash.

How do I get Quick Delivery Cards?
Each Quick Delivery Card speeds up a shipment for 1 hour. Click on the Quick Delivery Card on the right and then on a display that has a shipment on the way and speed up the shipment. You can also click on that display and click Deliver Now to deliver your shipment instantly. You earn 5 Quick Delivery Cards at each level. You also have the chance to win Quick Delivery Cards during visits. If you share your Marketland progress on your timeline and get 5 clicks for that post, you will earn 5 Quick Delivery Cards. You can always buy Quick Delivery Cards with your Marketland Cash.

What do Product Cards serve for?
Product Cards have 4 different purposes.
When dragged on to a display, it serves an instant mass delivery.
When you order a shipment, you can insure it with Product Cards so that your delivery won't be damaged at all. To do so, click on the display on which you ordered shipment and you'll see the “Insure” button.
You can also renew your damaged products with Product Cards. All you have to do is click on the damaged display and click on the “Renew” button.
You can also upgrade the Stockroom capacity with Product Cards. Click on the Stockroom and you'll see the Upgrade button on the bottom right.

How do I get Product Cards?
There are many different ways to get the Product Card. You earn 5 Product Cards at each level. You also have a chance to win Product Cards during visits. You can always buy Product Cards with your Marketland Cash.

What do Campaigns serve for?
You can start a campaign in your store by clicking on Campaigns icon in the main menu. It's not possible to launch two campaigns at the same time. Each campaign requires different amount of Shopper Cards. Campaigns will give you more coins and XP as it increases your customers’ budget limit.

How do I make coins faster?
Visit your store every day without skipping one to win the daily bonus.
Keep your displays full so that customers will never leave your store without buying a product.
Clean dirty floors by clicking on them.
Complete the quests.
Collect collectibles to complete the collections to be able to exchange it for coins.
More collections means more money!
Visit your friends every day. With each visit, you can earn lots of Coins!

Unable to Sell Some Products

It may seem buggy but actually it's related with the budget of your customers.

Now that, you unlock new customer types by placing items with luxury points on your store, you're also getting able to sell the related products. For example, if you don't have enough Luxury Points to unlock the Hobbyist Customer (needed to sell the Treadmill), you will see a warning on this product.
But, you will also realize that you can order and serve this product and it's normal if you're thinking why you can order a product that you can't sell.

It's because there is a specific way of selling these products. Since, Shopper Cards increase customer budgets, if you give Shopper Cards to Geek customers, it will increase their budget and they will be able to get products from that stand (Speaking for the Treadmill example), 

How do I get Luxury Points?
Placing decorative items and various displays in your store will give you Luxury Points, which will increase your customers’ budget limit. When your customers’ budget limit increases, you earn more coins accordingly. If you find that your Luxury Points have decreased, often, items with Luxury Points can be found in your inventory.


The robo-cleaner is a useful little tool that automatically cleans floors. Please note that it must be charged in order to work and the robo-cleaner's charge lasts for 7 days. 

Charging the robo-cleaner costs 100 Shopper Cards and can be done by clicking on it. The robo-cleaner remains in one place but is automatically working as long as it is charged.

All shipments have damage times relative to delivery times.

Shipments become damaged in the same amount of time it takes to deliver them. So, a one-hour delivery will be damaged one hour after it goes on display.

As an example, if you order a 4-hour product at 2pm, it will be ready to serve at 6pm and damaged at 10pm.

You can renew your damaged shipments with Marketland Cash or by asking friends to help you by visiting your market and cleaning up your shipments.

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