giovedì 15 giugno 2017

Island Experiment-Fluffyland Update And Quests

🔹 Help the inhabitants to restore the order after the cat's antics and get great rewards:

- a lot of gems;
- stylish Mailbox;
- imposing Police Dog's Kennel;
- Picture Gallery (it's never too late to become an artist!);
- mysterious Swamp Tree;
- the new funny pet, George the Hamster. He's very impressed with our heroes and wants to become a rescuer too!

🔹 Tim is a famous nut-lover! Don't forget to treat the hamster regularly to keep him in shape! Nuts accumulate automatically; you can also fully refill its amount once a day;

🔹 Even mean cats like to play! Distract them with Balls of yarn to help Tim go further. You can get the Balls of yarn:

- from the special Fir-tree (can be found on the islands during the adventure);
- in free gifts (every 8 hours);
- in gifts from the Official Game Page (until June 27th);

🔹 Ball of yarn can be exchanged in the converter for a basket with a random set of balls. Notice: you have to pay a fee for the conversion;

🔹 Being distracted by the balls, kittens leave their toys. Bring the toys to Elder Bertie and get useful prizes in return: balls of yarn, stamps, gems, resources for upgrading event rewards;

🔹 On the main event island you can find a box with stamps (every 4 hours). Also you can find such boxes on each island. You can trade those stamps for new cute decorations;

🔹 After 5 islands you will be able to visit an additional island (island 6) where you can collect more cat toys, stamps and good deed points. The bonus island will not be closed until the end of the event.

🏆 Hurry for new factions competition! A lot of new goods are available for Luck coins!

👇 Find more details about factions below.

🔸 During the event all participants will be randomly divided into 5 factions;

🔸 While performing various useful actions on the event islands you will receive Good Deed Points, which reflect your rating and raise the rating of your faction. ❗Notice: the rating is updated every hour;

🔸 All Good Deed Points earned during the day will be transferred automatically to the Karma Machine at the end of the day (credited in the Karma machine within 1-2 hours). You'll be able to exchange them there for the Luck coins. ❗ For 1 Luck coin you need 400 Good Deed Points. You can use Luck coins in the new store to purchase different awards.

🔸 The faction results will be rated at the end of each day. If your faction reaches the highest rating, then for the next day (for the next 24 hours) you get double exchange rate of your Good Deed Points into the Luck coins in the Karma machine. ❗ Important: The rating of the factions will be reset with the beginning of a new day;

🔸 The most persistent travelers will receive additional Good Deed Points, if at the end of the day they occupy high rankings in their faction. In other words, the better place you take inside your faction – the better multiplier for your earned Good Deed Points you get.

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