giovedì 29 giugno 2017

Island Experiment-Aggiornamento Isola Dei Sogni

Every player who has already reached level 12 can make an expedition to the new archipelago Dreams💭
🤠Meet Pierre La Rouge, the kindest thief in the world! He steals only what was stolen before, and returns it to rightful owners. Pierre has an incredible ability to infiltrate into others’ dreams. He’s ready to share this ability with you for helping him uncover a daring theft from his father’s Museum. Start your own investigation!
Your guide to the adventure:
🔎Help Pierre solve the crime and get wonderful rewards:
- gems;
- Lock pics;
- Mysterious Dream catcher;
- new pet — police Ocelot. He's always on duty!
🔎Intricate security systems can be hacked with lock pics. You can obtain lock pics from:
- Secret trees (can be found on the archipelago islands);
- free gifts (every 8 hours);
🔎The converter will allow you to exchange lock pics for a suitcase with a random set of lock pics. Notice: you have to pay a fee for the conversion;
🔎Use Doubloons for purchasing a wonderful décor. As before, boxes with doubloons are hidden on each island of the archipelago.
📯Hurry up to the new part of adventure on the main island!
- The chief’s daughter is getting married! Take part in wedding preparations!
- Upgrade the oven and learn a new wedding cake recipe.
- Obtain the best dress for the bride!
- And make sure all the guests are there! Even Weiss!

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