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GTC Levels

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GTC Levels

What are the GTC levels and what are they for?
‘GTC levels’ is a new feature in the game. From now on, you will be getting GTC points for each diamond you spend, your GTC progress bar will be gradually filling up, until you reach the next GTC level. On each GTC level you will be getting new bonuses and rewards. More detailed information will be given below.

How do you get GTC points?
You get GTC points for spending diamonds. One spent diamond is equal to one GTC point.

How do you get GTC levels?
A player gets GTC levels by gaining the required amount of GTC points. For every new GTC level, more GTC points are required. For example, in order to reach the first GTC level, a player has to spend 25 diamonds, the next one requires 75 diamonds, and so on, and diamonds can be spent either at once, or gradually.

What benefits do GTC levels give?
GTC levels give players many benefits.
1 level: 1 free diamond a week
2 level: 5% payment bonus on all lots and a new dress
3 level: access to unique decorations in the Shop, more experience and coins from trash and monsters
4 level: access to unique adventures and +1 free spin of the Wheel of Fortune per day
5 level: unique rewards for adventures, another four diamonds a week
6 level: one Medal of Adventures a week, twice as many items for the Magic Shop
7 level: the payment bonus has been increased to 10 percent on all lots, even more experience and coins from trash and monsters!
8 level: access to even more unique adventures, +2 free spins of the Wheel of Fortune per day
9 level: unique Evening Dress, possibility to change the look of Anna's house, and access to more unique decorations in the Shop
10 level: the payment bonus has been increased to 15% on all lots, +3 free spins of the Wheel of Fortune per day, one chest of coals per week, and an invite to join an exclusive group.

What if I receive several GTC levels at once?
Each new GTC level includes all the bonuses from a previous one, except the payment bonus. The payment bonus will be replaced with a new one.  

Will the GTC levels remain the same or will they be dropping through time?
Your VIP level will remain the same, it will not be decreased.

What does the +5% payment bonus (+10%, +15%) on all lots mean?
Depending on your GTC level, you will have a bonus on a diamonds’ purchase in the Bank, which means that you will be able to purchase more diamonds for a standard price.

How do I know if the week has passed, so I can collect free rewards (diamonds or a Medal of Adventures)?
When you reach the 1st GTC level, you will get a tree which will drop a free diamond once a week. Once you receive this tree, a timer will start, and after a full week has passed, the timer will reset and you will be able to collect another diamond from the tree.

What if I won’t enter the game for a week, will the free diamond disappear from the tree?
If you play the game regularly but forget to collect diamonds from the tree every week, they will accumulate. If you haven't entered the game for a long period time, the diamonds will not accumulate, and no matter how much time has gone by, you will only be able to collect just one reward from the tree.

Where can I see all my bonuses and bonuses which will be available on higher GTC levels?
You can view all bonuses available to you and future bonuses on higher GTC levels by clicking the small circle with your current GTC level, which is located on your GTC progress bar at the top of the screen.

Where do I find my coins now?
You can find your coins in your inventory by clicking on the 'Contents' icon and then opening the 'Materials' tab.


How do I get enchanted fabric?
Enchanted fabric is created in chests. After you’ve collected enchanted fabric from a chest, 60 minutes have to pass before you will be able to collect it again. One chest produces 160 pieces of fabric. You can also purchase it from one of the dwarf merchants, it can be brought to you by the guests, or it can be dropped from a chest that appears in the hunting lodge.

How do I get c-rations - food for the explorers?
You can create c-rations in camping mess tins. After you have collected the food from a mess tin, 20 minutes have to pass before you will be able to collect it again. You don’t have to click on a mess tin to collect the food - it will be added to your inventory automatically, the only exception is that you can’t carry more than 200 c-rations, when you have 200 c-rations in your inventory, mess tins will stop producing them and they will stop stacking in your inventory. You can also purchase c-rations from one of the dwarf merchants, they can be brought to you by the guests, or they can be dropped from a chest that appears in the hunting lodge.

Why does the timer above the camping mess tin reset?
The timer above the mess tin doesn’t reset, when the timer goes to 00:00, c-rations are added to your inventory automatically, and then the timer starts again. But bear in mind, that you can’t have more than 200 c-rations in your inventory, when you 200 of those, mess tins will stop producing them and they will stop stacking in your inventory.

How much food (c-rations) do the Explorers need?
Each Explorer needs a different amount of food, the higher his level is, the more c-rations he will need. For example, the first level Explorer will need 5 c-rations, the second level Explorer - 15 c-rations, the third level Explorer will require 25 c-rations, and so on.

How do I get the Moon Stone?
The Moon Stone, as well as other materials and some decorations, are brought to you by the Explorers from their expeditions.

Chests and camping mess tins produce too little enchanted fabric and c-rations, how can I get more of these resources?
You can purchase additional chests and camping mess tins from the dwarf merchants. You can buy the maximum of 5 additional chests and 5 additional mess tins, so that there can be 6 chests and 6 mess tins in the hunting lodge (1 chest and 1 mess tin are in the hunting lodge initially). You can purchase enchanted fabric and c-rations from the dwarf merchants directly, they can be brought to you by the guests, or they can be dropped from a chest that appears in the hunting lodge.

How much time will the Explorer spend on an expedition?
Each explorer spends a specific time on an expedition. The higher the explorer’s level is - the longer he will be away. For example, the first level Explorer will be away just for 1 minute, the second level Explorer - for 20 minutes, and the third level Explorer - for 30 minutes and so on. You can speed up their return by spending a certain amount of c-rations, but they will return from an expedition instantly.

When will the new Explorers become available?
The Cave Explorer will be available straight away. The Water Explorer will be available after the first one returns from his first expedition. The Fire Explorer will be given to you after you complete “The new chapter” quest, you will get the Air Explorer after finishing the “Ethereal dream” quest. The Snow Mountain Explorer will be available after completing the “Who is living in the shadow” quest, and the Electricity Explorer you could get in the Friday shop which was in the game on the 5th of May, and at the moment you can purchase him from Mr. Scrooge.

Some friends have come to visit me - what should I do?
When your friends are coming to visit you, you can accept them for 1 diamond. They bring you lots of useful resources, such as the enchanted fabric and c-rations, as well as some decorations, so don’t refuse them in your hospitality! :)

Do the guests come automatically or can I visit my friends myself, and if so, how?
The guests come automatically, you cannot go into your friends’ houses yourself, but they will receive a guest which will have your photo above him.

Do different zones drop different resources?
Yes, from a specific zone the Explorer brings a unique resource, a minimum of one from each expedition, but he might bring more. There are 7 types of resources: Moon Stone from the Cave zone, Sea Cocktail from the Water zone, Fire Powder from the Fire zone, Soft Cloud from the Air zone, Magic Snowflake from the Snow zone, Flash of Lightning from the Electricity zone and Hand of Midas from the El Dorado zone.

Which collectible resources are dropped in specific zones?
Each zone can drop one collectible resource. There are 12 types of them. Quartz Crystal and Red tree are dropped in the Cave zone, Fireflies and Sakura Petals are dropped in the Water zone, Liquid Fire and Spell of Fire - from the Fire zone, Witch’s curse and Sharp Arrowhead - from the Air zone, Witch’s Heart and Witch’s Amulet - from the Snow Mountain zone, and Witch’s Hat and Golden Broom - from the El Dorado zone.

Which Explorer can be sent to El Dorado?
You have to send two Explorers at once to the El Dorado zone - the Cave Explorer and the Electricity Explorer. Your Explorers will each need a 7 level outfit. If you want to return them back instantly, you can buy the Instant Return from either of them, they will return to the house together, however, only one of them will bring the loot!

A chest has appeared in the hunting lodge - what’s it for?
Three times a day a special chest might appear, it will contain some useful resources. You can open it for free for the first time, but for the second opening you will have to pay 1 diamond and for the third opening - 2 diamonds.

When will a small table be available - the one that is used to create collectible decorations, such as ‘Mrs Cleaner’?
This table becomes available after one of the Explorers brings a collectible item from his expedition.

How can I buy an additional platform for a guest?
You can purchase an additional platform by clicking on the existing platform you already have, when there is no guest standing on it.

Cleaning at Mario's

How do I get Merit Badges?

You get Merit Badges after completing daily mini-tasks in Mario’s house.

How do I get a mini-quest?

In order to get a task from Mario, you have to enter his house and click on the workbench. Mario gives you a random task once every 24 hours.

If I don’t want or can’t complete a daily task from Mario, can I cancel or change it?

Yes, if you don’t want to complete Mario’s daily task for some reason, you can ask him for a new one the next day, which will replace the current one.

How to improve Mario’s mood?
In order to make our friend the Plumber happy, you have to buy some furniture for his house, which will drop a valuable resource - “Mario’s mood”.
Furniture is available to purchase for Merit Badges.

How often can I collect “Mario’s mood” from the furniture?

You can collect “Mario’s mood” every two hours, but not more than three times a day. If you don’t want to wait for two hours, you can speed up the drop of “Mario’s moods” using diamonds.

Attention! On the first day after the purchase the furniture drops “Mario’s moods” only once. The only exception is the Table, which drops “Mario’s moods” twice.

Does the amount of dropped “Mario’s moods” depend on the type of furniture?

Yes. Small and ordinary items, such as chairs, lamps, shelves drop only one “Mario’s mood”, but bigger pieces of furniture like tables and bathtubs drop 2, 5 and even 8 “Mario’s moods”.

When will the new rooms be available?

New rooms in Mario’s house will be opening as his mood improves.

Why can’t I move furniture to another place?

A piece of furniture only becomes movable if you have already received “Mario’s moods” from it three times.

Can I create as many different types of furniture as I want? 

Yes, but bear in mind, that Mario’s house has a limited space so all the furniture you want to put inside might simply not fit in. :)

After I received the decoration item with a raccoon, the quest “Cleaning at Mario’s” has disappeared. Is it impossible now to improve his mood?

The task is completed after you craft the first raccoon decoration. After that you can visit Mario every day to get mini quests from him, in order to Merit Badges coins, buy furniture and improve our friend’s mood.

Are Mario’s tasks all the same? I get the same task of cleaning the rubbish for the second day in a row. 

No, tasks are random, but it can happen that you can get the same one on the next day.

Occasionally a raccoon appears on the furniture, is it supposed to be that way? Are there any rewards for feeding the racoon? 

Yes, a raccoon will occasionally return and you have to give him special treats to make him leave Mario’s house, otherwise the next day he will invite his friends in. Feeding a raccoon gives no reward but it enables you to collect “Mario’s moods” from the furniture.

Is it necessary to expel a raccoon?

You have to expel raccoons in order to be able to collect “Mario’s moods” from the furniture.

Season Two. Questions and Answers

Season 2.
A long-awaited continuation of main story will have the “Second season” title. On the 2nd season you will face new adventures, characters, opportunities, mysteries and many-many other interesting things.

Lumio house.
The old house, gained by Anna from her Grandpa. This house has many unsolved secrets and mysteries and it works as a transporter to the alternative Ghost Town. But to make these voyages Lumio needs magical Embers.

Ember is a “food” for Lumio. With them he is able to send us to another dimension. For each action in this dimension we pay one Ember. Where we explore the house and move forward on the story, number of Embers which can be taken to another dimension increases.

For each action in the parallel dimension we gain Star Energy, which can be transformed into the Stars. We can earn 3 Stars max. for each story on Season 2. We can always replay each story if we want to earn more stars for it. Total number of Stars unlocks a unique decorations in the Star Shop.

We can enter the house of our friend Lumio and set up a butterfly on the special furniture, which has special slots for it. After some time butterflies will come back with the Embers.
When we move forward by the main story, max. number of Butterflies which can be sent to our friends increases.


When does Season 2 actually start?
It starts after the “Experiment, part two” quest.

When will we be able to put the Butterflies on my friend’s furniture?
You and your friend have to complete the quest named “Threat from Sleep”.

How do i get to the Lumio’s house of my Neighbor?
Just visit your friend as always and choose the location you need at the top of the screen.

What the furniture upgrade does?
Upgraded furniture can accommodate more Ember, so you can accumulate it faster. On the upgraded furniture your friends have more slots for their butterflies.

How do i know that butterfly has come back with the Ember?
When the butterfly comes back, the indicator on the top of the game screen will start flickering. Click on it to get your Embers, after this you will be able to send them again.

How can I collect bonuses on the App Page?

There is a task in “Power of Friendship” quest that asks you to collect several bonuses on our App Page on Facebook. In order to do it you must go to our App Page, find the bonus post and click on a blue link.

Every day we post a new bonus, but you can use the bonus only once. So, you will need several days so complete the task.

And don't forget to Like our App Page. There's a lot of fun there! :)

The game is asking me for my e-mail. What's the deal?

There is a task where we ask to send us your e-mail. This action is completely safe.
If you are not interested in the reward simply ignore the icon and the quest.

Please aknowledge, that you won't be able to complete a quest, if your Facebook account is linked to a phone number instead of an e-mail. It can be easily changed. In order to inform us of your e-mail and receive the reward, your Facebook account should use the e-mail as a primary contact in settings.

To add an e-mail, please follow the link (or find the settings button in the upper bar of Facebook profile page) and add an e-mail to the 'Contact' section,then confirm the e-mail as required. Then set the added e-mail as 'Primary' and save changes.

And now you can reload The Ghost Tales and receive your well-earned diamonds! 

How come some of my friends won’t respond to my requests?

The developers have checked multiple times to make sure the request and gift systems work. They work just fine. If you are logged into the game and notice that a friend has sent you a gift/item, go to the settings menu on the right side of the game window and click on “save.” This will update your game, and all the items you have sent will be shown.
If you notice that a friend has sent you something, but the item has not appeared in your game (or vice versa), this means the request exceeded the game’s limits:

1. You can only get five of any item you request.
2. Each neighbor can only help you up to ten times per day.
3. Each player can only respond to neighbors’ requests up to 100 times per day.
4. Requests last 12 hours, i.e. if your friend doesn’t respond to your request within that time frame it will expire.
5. You can only ask for the same item once every four hours.
6. You can only place first requests for four different types of items after the daily reset. Limits are reset every day at 9:00 pm GMT.

How often can you give gifts?

You can give each of your friends one gift per day (including everyday gifts and decorations).

Why did I get so little experience for completing a quest?

When you complete quests and clean up trash, the experience you earn is shown in numbers, but you see it as a percentage on the bar in the game. The higher your level, the more experience you need to reach the next level. Mouse over the experience bar at the top of the screen to see exactly how many experience points you need to level up.

Game Saves and Lost Progress I completed a quest yesterday, but today it started all over again. Why?

To make sure you don’t lose your progress in the game, save using the manual save button (the one that looks like a diskette). 
You can lose your progress if you do the following things:
1. Not completing the manual save process.
2. Resuming the game using a different computer/browser. 
3. Suddenly restarting the game can lead to a progress rollback.
4. Your Flash Player is not working correctly. You may have to update or reinstall it. We also recommend checking your Flash Player’s settings, since the function to save information on your computer might be disabled. 
5. One of your browser’s plugins could be interfering with the game’s ability to run correctly. Check your browser for unnecessary plugins, or try to update or change your browser. In addition to plugins, various viruses can interfere with your browser or the game itself. You may want to check your computer for viruses, then check your Flash Player’s settings. 
Unfortunately, lost progress cannot be restored, and lost resources cannot be returned, so be cognizant of these things while playing the game.

I found a bug. What should I do?!

If you run into a bug while playing the game — for example, you cannot complete a quest or begin a new quest — don’t panic!
First of all, refresh the game page and clear out your browser cache.
If the problem persists, contact Tech Support, and we’ll do everything we can to help you.
ATTENTION! When generating a Tech Support ticket, please fill in all the fields in the window:
- Enter your correct email address; otherwise Tech Support will not be able to contact you if they need to.
- Enter the topic and type of ticket that most closely matches the nature of your request.
- Select the name of the game and your platform
- Your game ID (where to find your game ID)
- Describe your problem in the “Description” field — the nature of the bug, which actions you performed leading up to it, etc.
- Attach screenshots showing the problem using the “Add file” button.

The game won’t run. What can I do?

If the game won’t run/crashes during launch, don’t give up — most of the time this problem is quite easy to solve.
1) Refresh the game page.
2) If the problem remains after the page has been refreshed, clear out your browser’s cache and try again.
3) If clearing out the cache doesn’t work, we recommend using another browser to play the game.
4) If the game won’t even launch in another browser, update/reinstall Adobe Flash Player, then reload the game page again.
If none of these solutions work for you and the game still won’t run, please contact Tech Support.

Can you transfer my progress from my old account to a new one?

Unfortunately, due to a number of technical limitations, it is not possible to transfer progress from one account to another.

My page has been hacked or banned. What can I do?

Please contact your social network’s tech support if you encounter this problem. Describe the situation in detail and ask them to restore access to your page.


Chances are, you successfully performed a payment in the game, but you just haven’t received your in-game currency yet. Keep in mind that during periods of high load it might take up to four hours for your purchases to appear in the game.
If you believe that an error has occurred in the game, make sure your payment was made successfully by checking your payment history:
Open page settings in the upper-right corner of Facebook and select “Settings.”
Select “Payments” in the left-hand column.
Select the payment to view your receipt and confirm that the payment was completed successfully.
Make sure the items you purchased have not been delivered in the game. Keep in mind that it can take up to four hours for your purchases to appear in the game.
Once you have confirmed that the payment was completed successfully, but you have not received your in-game currency, contact Tech Support. To do this, click on the “Tech Support” button at the bottom of the game screen. Make sure to enter the exact time of payment and the amount of in-game currency you purchased in your Tech Support ticket. 
If the funds have been removed from your account, but the payment has not appeared on your page, contact Facebook technical support. To do this, open the pop-up settings menu in the upper Facebook panel and select “Report a problem” at the bottom of the list.

What is a game ID and where do I find it?

The game ID is a unique number that the game applies to each player.
Whenever you contact Tech Support you will have to give them your game ID.
Look at the picture below to see where to find your game ID:

The game is running slowly. What can I do?

We are constantly working on the game and trying to optimize it for even the least powerful computers. Nevertheless, there are still cases where the game runs extremely slowly.
If the game runs slowly and is unstable, try the following solutions:
1) Close other tabs and programs
2) Close the game window, clear out your browser’s cache, and reload the game page.
3) If the problem persists after you clear out your cache, run the game in a different browser.
If these solutions are not effective and the game continues to run slowly, we strongly recommend disabling additional animation in the game by clicking on the corresponding button in in the game window.
This will significantly increase the game’s performance.

The game won’t run. What can I do?

If the game won’t run/crashes during launch, don’t give up — most of the time this problem is quite easy to solve.
Refresh the game page.
If the problem remains after the page has been refreshed, clear out your browser’s cache and try again.
If clearing out the cache doesn’t work, we recommend using another browser to play the game.
If the game won’t even launch in another browser, update/reinstall Adobe Flash Player, then reload the game page again.
If none of these solutions work for you and the game still won’t run, please contact Tech Support.

Wheel of Fortune

 Wheel of Fortune is a mini-game for the players Ghost Tales. Spin it and win prizes!

You can find your wheel in the upper right corner by clicking on a button with an animated box.

You can spin the wheel as many times as you want. Every 24 hours you will get one free spin. You also can win free spins during your spin or get free spins by asking friends. All additional spins will cost you 1 diamond.

Playing this mini-game, you can win gold, diamonds, free spins, items and special pieces of brand new Wheel of Fortune Decorations. Jackpot is a special sector of the wheel – it gives you 1000 diamonds or the unique decorations, that we will draw based on your ideas!


Calendar is a special in-game spreadsheet. You check in every day - you get cool bonuses

Here arethe answers on some questions about our calendar:

Where is the calendar?
Click on the gift box icon on the top-right

How can I check-in?
CLICK on the date.

What will I get?
You will get prizes for checking in every day.

Do I need to check in several days in a row to get a bonus?
No. You can skip days. You need 3/7/.../28 days TOTAL to get the prize.

What will happen if I get a smaller prize?
It is ok. Getting smaller prizes won't refresh your score.

Visiting Friends

You can visit your friends in the game and look at their Town, houses and other locations. To visit a friend, find the friend’s picture in the friend panel at the bottom of the screen, click on it, and select “Visit.” The game will take you to your friend’s town. At the top of the screen, you can choose the location you want to visit, such as Anna’s house, winter or tropical map and Lumio's house (if your friend has already unlocked them).
To return to your own town, click on the “Go home” button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Quest Log

After you defeat a giant ghost with the help of a couple of athletic brothers and open the town gate, the Quest Log will appear in your game. The Quest Log shows all of the quests in the game, as well as the rewards for completing them and their time limits. There are three sections in the Quest Log: Main story, Other adventures, and Events. The first section contains all the quests from the main storyline, the second contains all the side quests, and the third shows your ongoing event quests.
If you only want to see the quests that are currently available to you, check the box right under the section names marked “Only show available.”
If you want to view the quests you’ve already completed but can start over again, check the box marked “Can be started over.”
If you want to view all of the quests in the game, uncheck all the boxes.
Quests you have completed have a “Complete” stamp over them. Quests are considered complete when their time limit expires REGARDLESS of whether they have been completed successfully or not!


You won’t get far in Ghost Town without friends!
They’re the only ones who can send you most of the materials you need to complete quests. To become your friend in the game, another player needs to add you as a friend and install Ghost Tales. The player will then automatically appear in your game in the friend panel at the bottom of the screen and the request window. To get a friend to stop appearing in your game, you can either unfriend them on your social network or ask them to delete the game.


One of the most fun things to do in Ghost Town is decorate it. You can use decorations and design elements to make your town a perfect home for you and the townspeople. Decorations can be purchased at the store for diamonds and coins. The store can be found in the lower right corner of the screen.

But... Not all decorations are available in the store. Most of them can be obtained as rewards for completing side quests, but the rarest are earned as rewards for entering contests in the game’s official group on your social network. Decorations can be placed either in the town or in Anna’s house. Keep in mind that home decorations and town decorations are stored in different tabs of your inventory.
Some decorations can be given as gifts. You can send them to your friends by pressing the “Send a gift” button. If this button is not next to a decoration, that means the decoration is, unfortunately, not giftable.

Once you’re done decorating your town, you can share a photo of it with your friends. To do this, click on the camera icon in the lower right corner of the screen, select a size and frame for the photo, take a picture, and click on the “Share” button. The photo will appear on your timeline.


The “Inventory” button can be found in the lower right corner of the screen. There are five sections in the inventory: Consumables, Materials, Special, Decorations and Home Decor. Everything you get in the game will be shown in the appropriate section of the inventory.


You can increase your level by earning experience points. There are several ways to earn experience:
Experience points are frequently given as a reward for completing quests.
Experience points can drop from items in locations along with coins and other resources.
You can get experience by opening daily treasure chests. These can be found in the upper right corner of the screen.
Visit friends. Helping them clean up their towns is another way to earn experience points.

The Bank

The Ghost Town Bank can be found at the top of the screen. You can buy diamonds and coins there.


Diamonds are the main resource in the game. There are several ways to get them:
Reach a new level. Every time you level up, you get a diamond.
Complete timed side quests. You’ll often get diamonds for completing them.
There are lots of secret places in Ghost Town where you can find useful resources, including diamonds. Explore the locations in the game carefully.
You can purchase diamonds at the bank.
Join other Ghost Tales players in the game’s group on your social network. There are frequent contests in these groups in which you can win diamonds and special decorations.


You need coins to purchase decorations. They can also be used as a resource in certain recipes. You can obtain coins by clearing items from quest locations or get them as a reward for completing quests. You can also get a sack of diamonds by opening daily treasure chests.

Side Quests

As you travel through the town map, you will receive timed quests. These quests have no effect on the storyline. These are adventures Anna can have in order to take a break from her primary mission — saving Ghost Town. You earn rewards for completing these quests successfully. These rewards can include diamonds, experience points, or special decorations that are not available at the store.Such quests can be started 
Such quests can be started using a big green button, which opens Adventure Log with the list of all side quests available. A name, rewards and time for each quest: all these can be found in the window.

Types of Quests

There are three types of quests in Ghost Tales:
First of all, there is the main storyline. Storyline quests do not have time limits. You cannot fail them or complete them incorrectly. You can come back to them at any time.
Second, there are side quests. You need to keep track of the time limits for these quests. You usually get a valuable reward for completing these quests successfully. Side quests are given out during specific phases in the main storyline.
Third, there are quests dedicated to holiday events such as the Christmas quest, Valentine’s Day adventure, etc. There is also a time limit for completing these quests. These quests are one-shot deals. You can only start them at certain times, and you can’t put them off. These quests are not repeated.


To make progress in the game, you need to complete quests. They are shown on the left side of the screen. Next to each quest are two buttons: a magnifying glass and a question mark. These are hints. Click on the question mark to get an expanded description and instructions for completing the quest. Click on the magnifying glass to make arrows appear that will point to the exact place on the map you need to go to to complete the quest.

Object of the Game

Your goal is to save the town from the influence of the mysterious Dramatist and other villains. Play, make friends, and progress through the storyline by completing quests.4

Main plot

Where do I get my own house?

Anna’s grandfather gives her a house after you complete the quests at Mario’s house.

Which materials drop from trash and monsters in Anna’s house?

In Anna’s house you can find silver, honey, ink, gears, and lots of other things you’ll need for quests.

How do I unlock the kitchen/workshop/basement in Anna’s house?

To unlock the doors in Anna’s house you must complete a number of quests in order.
Keep in mind that if Anna says “I should probably come back here later,” this is exactly what you should do. You can complete some quests in town in the meantime. The door to the kitchen will be unlocked after the gardener helps you clear the weeds, and the door to the workshop will open when Kyle helps you open the town gate.

How can I quench the negative energy of the source/close the Rift?

The Depths is a global mission comprised of a number of quests during which Anna eliminates the negative effect of the source with the help of Ben and the Dramatist. To close the crevasse, complete all the quests in the “Storyline” tab.

How do I get to the snakerats in Misty Forest in order to complete the Babies are in Danger quest?

Look for a path in the bushes.

Who is Bradley?

Bradley is a mysterious resident of Baker Street whose house is on the other side of the bridge over the Rift.

Under which doormat do I find the key I need to unlock the door in the sheriff’s house?

In order to unlock the door in the sheriff’s house you will have to complete all the objectives UP TO the door, i.e. turn off the three controllers in the room, basement, and wall (yes, there’s a reason the last objective is called “Walls know all” — it tells you to “look carefully at the walls”).

Where do I get the keys to the doors in the mayor’s house?

You can get the keys by completing quests. The lockpick you have in your inventory won’t work because it was made especially for the town gate. In the mayor’s house, you’ll need a new set made by the mailman, but only as part of a quest.

How do I put the pallet and brush on Ellen’s desk?

First put the analyzed report on the desk, and then the pallet. Keep on eye on which icon is over the desk.

How do I unlock the doors in Ben’s house?

The keys to all the doors other than the ornate one can be obtained from Ben himself for completing quests. The key to the secret hiding place can be made by Mario from pieces that you find.

How do I put the TV in Ben’s house?

Get Anna right up next to the arrow, then take the TV out of your inventory and place it in the green field.

Who is this Mrs. Langley in whose house I need to draw targets for the fencer’s mannequins?

Mrs. Langley is an old lady who lives next to Alex the police officer. She’s a very persnickety old lady who doesn’t want to draw targets for broken mannequins, so, in order to convince her to do it, you need to fix the mannequins.

Where do I get the gloves so I can turn off the power at Jane’s house?

The rubber gloves will be made by Anna’s grandfather, but only once the quest for this has become available. In the meantime, you will have to enter the room whose door is blocked by a beam. Click on this door, then look for an active window, enter it, find the entrance to the locked room from the other side, remove the beam, and leave the room. When you stumble upon the electrified area, Anna’s grandfather will get the recipe.

Other adventures

How can I switch off the electricity in Jane's house?

To switch off the electricity you must do the following:
  • Inspect the blocked door
  • Get the task to find another way
  • Inspect windows near the door
  • Go through the hall to the furthest window, defeat the monster and get into the room through the window

I can’t use the climber hook in the Story of the Ring quest.

Go into the tunnel and follow it almost to the end. Stop before the last space. Find the climber hook in your inventory and press the “Use” button. The area in front of Anna will turn green. Mouse over the green area with the climber hook and click on it. A rope will appear.

I can’t hang the chains in the rented house.

Chains need to be hung on the wall, in this case on the floor next to the wall. Don’t forget that Anna can only place/use items in the spaces adjacent to where she uses them.

I put ghosts in the adjustable house, but the game won’t count them.

It says in the quest that you can’t put ghosts in the attic. If this condition has not been met, you will have to make new ghosts at Jane’s house.

The levers at Base 52 don’t work. I clicked on everything, but the door won’t open.

You need to pull the levers in a certain order (see the picture). If you do everything right, the levers will not return to their original positions and the door will open.

There’s no painted door in Anna’s grandfather’s basement. How do I get into the bedroom?

To find the entrance, you have to click on a secret place. After that, a door will appear.

I can’t set up Mario’s puppet. There’s no “Use” button.

You don’t need the button in this case. Just click on the right plate above Mario (see the picture). Yeah, the arrow is pointing at a slightly different place. No biggie.

How do I set up Theo’s projection in the Mysterious “Beast” quest?

Put Anna on the second-to-last space by the wall and click on the last space. The projection will be set up automatically.

I can’t complete the last objective in the Math Night quest.

You have to craft a variator first. Then enter the color code.

I can’t enter the code for the lever in the To the Center of the Earth quest.

The code is shown in the picture.

What am I supposed to do in the sun room?

Go into the small room. You can get the key to this room in the earth room. You will find a monkey behind the strange wall. Don’t forget to talk to the monkey’s owner afterward.

How do I complete the objectives in the earth room?

Look for the plates that are a little bit different from the others. Ropes will appear when you interact with them. The plates rotate as in a puzzle.

I’m doing the “Walking in a dream” quest, in Jane’s dream. I can’t find a way through.

There is a path in the bushes.

Where do I find the book of anecdotes I need to make the joy potion in the Book of Fairytales quest?

To find the book, you must perform a series of actions:
Help the Doc. Get the key from Sonya’s house.
Help Sonya. Wake him up and look for something resembling an alarm clock.
Help the lucky duck. Go back to the Doc

I can’t place the pseudodragon in front of the tower in the Romantic Age quest.

If you are in the tower itself, go back down. You will find a white plate in front of the tower. This is where the pseudodragon goes.

Where do I find the park from the Mushroom Soup quest?

The park is behind Jane’s house and looks like a bush.

I can’t leave the square using the mannequin. This is the Mushroom Soup quest.

Place the mannequin in the area indicated in the picture. Then hide in the bushes next to it. Then click on the yellow tree to get out.

How am I supposed to get out of the room in the Puppeteer quest? This is objective 14/28.

The room is in the Puppeteer’s house. It’s next to Anna’s grandfather’s house in the dark area.

I can’t get into the last room on Abigail’s estate. Anna doesn’t react.

A defensive field is waiting for you right on the other side of the door. You will be able to see it as soon as you take a step through the door. Until then, only one space on the floor across from the door will be active. That’s what you need to click on.

How do I get out of the basement in the Stranger quest?

Examine the box in the corner of the room. It contains a sledgehammer that you can use to smash through the old wall.

How do I get into Abigail’s office in the Stranger quest?

Click on the lights in the right order. A passageway next to the clock will open

Where do I find the key to Mrs. Langley’s pantry in the Professor quest?

The last key is in chest (see the picture). Despite the fact that the chest is partially open and looks like it’s been checked, you haven’t opened it yet.

I can’t harvest five bunches of medicinal herbs on the farm in the Epidemic quest. The cart is in my way. The game didn’t count the last bunch of herbs.

The picture below shows the locations of all the bunches of herbs on the farm. Pay special attention to bunches #2, #3, and #4. All the items are counted — you just have to find them. If you don’t see one of the bunches of herbs, mouse over the highlighted areas until a pop-up message that says “Medicinal Herbs” appears.

I can’t place the table in the Professor’s house. There’s no “Use” button.

To place the desk, click on the special area set aside for it. The table should be between the wall and the Professor. Click on the highlighted rectangle.

How do I stop the flood in Jane’s house?

Complete the objective “Did you call the plumber?” in the “Plumbing against one's will” quest.

You’ll have to cover all the pipes in the right order. Start by getting rid of all the puddles except for the one marked in red (see the picture). This puddle is controlled by pipe #3.Then go to pipe #2, click on it, and go back to the previous room through the glass doors. Then click on pipe #3 again.Then click on pipe #1.Then go back to pipe #3. The path is now clear, so you can reach the last pipe and complete the objective.

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