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Caféland-Domande e Risposte

Common Questions

How do I design my café?
You can find all decorative items in the decorations menu which can be accessed by clicking the "Decoration" button below the game screen.

How do I make coins faster?
Caféland customers provide you with useful tips every time they enter your café. 

Click on customers to learn the positive or negative comments about you café. Follow their recommendations to improve and upgrade your café.
Visit your café every day, without skipping one, to win the daily bonus. Always keep your counters full so that customers will never leave your café and they will find something to eat.
Completing quests is the other quick way to make more coins in little time. Completing a quest gives you extra money and XP, which means you can pass a level faster.
Visiting your friends helps you to earn daily money rewards. At each visit, you can get many coins, which means the more you visit, the faster you earn.

Do I lose tips if I don't collect them?
You must collect tips if you want to add them to your budget. If you don't, they are wasted when another customer sits on that chair. Please note that a tip is an additional payment, it's not the main price of a plate. You're already paid the main price anyway even if you don't collect a tip.

How do I expand my café?
The "Expand" button is placed in the menu below, symbolized with four side arrows. On condition that you have enough coins or Caféland Cash for the expansion, you can do it with one click.

How do I get more XP?
Paying daily visits to friends, collecting tips, cooking various dishes, cleaning, and completing quests give you the opportunity to fill the XP bar more quickly.

How do I fill the Popularity bar?
The popularity bar at the top of the game screen indicates how popular your café is. You must keep the Popularity bar as full as you can to increase the customer flow. To do this, you must pay attention to customers' opinions. By clicking on customers, you can see if they have a negative opinion. Follow the tips to compensate these complaints so that you will keep the popularity bar full

How do I invite my friends to play the game?
You can see the "Add Friends" and "Invite" buttons in the friends chart down below the game screen. Click on any of them to choose any friend you'd like to invite.

All About Hearts

We get a lot of feedback about Hearts and frequently check player logs to make sure everything is in order. You can be sure that we would know almost immediately if there were any glitches surrounding Hearts, as they are one of the most important currencies in the game.

The truth is, spending Hearts is so easy in Cafeland, and once you need them, you'll find that earning them is also a challenge! One way to keep track of your Hearts spending is by double checking all of the buttons used to purchase in-game items. 

Parties cost 15 Hearts.

Storing this dish will cost you 5 Hearts.

Here is a list of everything you can spend Hearts on:
Throwing parties
Buying sauces
Storing dishes in the Fridge
Charging Special Cafe Kits

Here are some of the ways you can get Hearts:
Leveling up - each level awards 10 Hearts.
Ask for Hearts from friends
Visiting neighbors - you can 150 Hearts from neighbors per day, and your 150 neighbors can also give you 1 Heart. 
This means that in total you can earn 450 Hearts from neighbors every day - 150 through "ask friends," 150 on visit, 150 from visiting neighbors.
Purchase Hearts with Cafeland Cash

When you are visiting neighbors, you must click "OK" to send them a Heart. 

After hitting "OK" (do NOT click "X" out of the window if you want to send your neighbor a Heart), the Facebook request message should appear:

If this message does NOT appear, a Facebook error occurred. In these instances it is best to not visit any other neighbors for a few minutes and try again to send Hearts later. If the message does not start appearing again after a few hours, you should send a report to Facebook. Gamegos cannot solve server issues like this, but they usually resolve themselves over time.

Can't See Friends or Neighbors?

If you are not seeing anybody on your neighbors or friends list, please follow the instructions below:

- Go to your settings on Facebook
- Click on Apps
- Find Cafeland and click on Edit Settings (there is a pencil icon next to the name of the app)
- Check to see if you have your "Friend List" has a checkmark next to it on the popup
- If there isn't a Friend List permission, please remove the app and open it again. Your progress is saved on our servers, you will not lose anything.

If you still cannot bring back your friends after doing this, please open a support ticket.

Too Many Servings!

Can't serve food you have cooked? This is because you've reached the servings limit for that dish or for your cafe.

The max limit for each dish is 50,000 servings. Note that you cannot cook or serve any more dishes if you already have 50,000 servings. If you have less than 50,000 servings on the counter, you can cook more, but you will not be able to serve what you cook until the total servings drops enough below 50,000 again.

Example: You have 47,000 servings of a dish and you are trying to cook 4,000 more servings of that dish. You won't be able to cook those 4,000 more until you have 46,000 servings left on the counter.

However, even if you are not cooking beyond the limit of 50,000 servings, it's still possible that you'll see a message in the Cookbook saying that you have too many servings and it won't let you serve more of that specific dish. This means that you have reached the maximum serving amount for all counters in your cafe, which is always 100,000 x the number of counters you have.

If you have reached the servings limit on a dish or your total cafe, there are still two ways to continue cooking or serving:

Use sauces to sell out immediately of any dishes that are being served
Store cooked dishes in the fridge.

These two options create new space for more servings.

Missing Cash!

Only on very rare occasions is Cash actually missing from your account. So, before reporting your cash as lost please be sure:

you did not accidentally spend Cash to complete a quest
you did not buy decorations that cost Cash
you did not accidentally spent Cash to complete a quest task
you did not accidentally buy a Heart Packet when asking friends for Hearts
you did not accidentally buy sauces for your dishes

We do NOT refund Cash that is accidentally spent. We are only able to refund payments made to your Facebook account. Please do not ask us to return Cash you already had in the game that was accidentally spent. Thanks for your understanding!

How can I make customers happy?

Customers do not wander around any more if you close your café. Check out the Open/Closed button at the bottom of the game screen and make it Open to let customers come back.

Why do I see angry customers in my café?
Customers get angry if they have a negative opinion about your café. If you click on a customer, you can learn what the main problem is and so solve it accordingly. Customers protest when
they don't see any servings on the counter
they see only one type of dish on the counter
they always find the same food on the counter
they don't find an empty chair placed in accordance with a table
they find too little space to move in the café
they can't use the drink machines
they don't find a fun item in the café
they can't reach the counter
they can't reach the till point
they can't reach the drink machines

Why do I see the "No way to the counter/till point" warning over the customers' head?
This warning comes out when the counter/till point is not placed properly or if it is surrounded by objects. Check out its position and make sure customers find a way to reach it.

How do I get Caféland Cash?

You are gifted 25 Caféland Cash when you start the game for the first time and you are also gifted 5 Caféland Cash at every new level.

In addition, some special quests give you Caféland Cash when you complete them. Caféland Cash helps you to purchase very special items which can not be bought with Coins. You can also click on the Caféland Cash icon at the top of the game screen and choose a package to purchase with real money.

Placed Item Not Counting Toward Quest!

First, we would like to remind you that these special and timed quests are created as extras content, which means that you don't need to complete them to advance further in the game. The fixed quests will always be there but these ones are optional for more diversity in the game.

If you think the task doesn't count the items...
The reason the task doesn't count the decorations you placed was that you placed the ones you already had in your inventory. You need to buy and place new decorations in order to spend Coins and therefore complete actions that count toward the quest. Just check to make sure you are spending money for buying new decorations and your tasks will be completed. You can also try placing all of the decorations you have in your inventory in your store and buying new items after the inventory is empty.

If you already have the maximum amount of items in your cafe...
You can simply sell one of the items and buy a new one for the task. Remember: you must spend Coins for this task to be counted. 

Coin and Heart Limits

Worried about reaching a total limit of Coins or Hearts and getting locked out of your game?

No need to worry!

The game has hard-coded settings like every other game which are set to prevent unfairness in the game. These limits are only reached by using cheating methods and in very rare cases, when a player is at a very high level and never spends their Coins on anything.

These limits are almost impossible to reach, so you don't need to worry about them. We will be celebrating our 4th anniversary this year and we have encountered only a few players who organically reached these thresholds. Their records have been checked and their games have been activated again. You don't lose your progress in the game when this happens either.

Not Getting Quests?

It's totally normal not to receive the quests with "asking friends" tasks after level 250. As for the extra quests you get, it is also normal if you are not getting them anymore because you have completed all of them.

We have recently added around 200 quests between levels 180 and 250. You get 3 extra quests each level between these levels now. And if you were at a higher level than 250 when we added those, you are receiving them as you complete them. And as it has been a while since we released those new quests, it's highly probable that you have completed them all.

None of the mentioned above are "random quests". They are the ones generated automatically as long as you are completing them. There isn't a level or amount limit for those and they will always be there.

If you are at a low level and feel that a quest hasn't come, you can also try refreshing the game or completing another existing quest in order to "trigger" a new quest that hasn't come yet.

Please do not submit any tickets if you are not getting any extra quests as there isn't a bug or glitch about the game quests.

Cannot Place an Item for a Quest

The quest is asking you to buy and place a certain item, but when you check the menu you see that item is locked - you've already place the maximum amount in your cafe.

No more Black Kittens allowed!

To workaround this, sell one of your placed items back to the menu and buy a new one again. You can do this by dragging the item into the menu and then finding it in the Warehouse.

Click "Sell" to sell back the item.

Remember: you must spend Coins for this task to be counted. You will know if Coins were spent when you see Coins being subtracted when you place an item.

100000 Coins.

If you do not want to sell one of the items back and buy a new one again, you can use Cafeland cash to skip this task on any quest.

How do I send and receive gifts?

You can find the Gift Box at the bottom of the game screen. Click on it to see the gift cakes which you can send to your friends. You can as well click on the "Request button" to request any cake from your friends.

Where are the gift dishes I receive from my friends?
The gift dishes you receive are sent to your Gift Box. Instead of cooking new dishes, you can just click and serve a gift cake from "My Gifts" section in the Gift Box menu.

Why can't I send or request something for the second time?
Sending or requesting to/from the same friend in the game is only possible for once in 24 hours. This means you have to wait for 24 hours until you can send or request something. We apply this time limit in order to avoid abundance of request notification in our players' Facebook accounts.

Spoiled Food

Food spoils relative to its cooking time. That means, a 1-hour dish takes 1 hour to spoil. Likewise, a two-day dish takes two days to spoil. As an example, if you cook a 4-hour dish at 2pm, it will be ready to serve at 6pm, and spoil at 10pm. Dishes with a cooking time of less than 15 minutes spoil in 15 minutes.

Got a spoiled dish? That's a shame, but don't worry, there are several ways to proceed.

Choice 1: Throw away the dish. 

By doing this, you will lose the dish completely (in addition to the Coins you spent to cook it or the Coins you could earn from serving it), but it will free up your stove.

Choice 2: Find a friend to unspoil the dish.

It only takes one friend to visit your cafe, click on the spoiled dish, and clean it up for you. After this, the dish will return to normal for about 1 week. You should serve it before a week passes (or as soon as possible) so that it does not get spoiled again.

Choice 3: Unspoil the dish with Savior Carrot sauce. 

This sauce can be purchased for cash from the sauces menu.

What is Popularity?

Popularity is determined through achieving certain standards in your café. This is the measure that ensures a healthy customer flow in your cafe. The higher the popularity, the more customers will enter your cafe. A cafe can reach a maximum of 100 popularity, and will be decreased by different shortcomings in your cafe. If your cafe remarkably exceeds the standards set by the game, your cafe will have a static 100 popularity. Richly decorated cafes are known to have static 100 popularity. Parties also give your cafe a static 100 popularity while the party is ongoing.

Dirty Floors

Dirty floors are programmed to occur on timed intervals based on home many customers are entering and eating at your cafe. There is no known glitch with how dirty floors work.

Please make sure that:
your cafe is open
your counters are all serving food
you have as many tables as possible

The more customers you have, the quicker you will get dirty floors as long as you are actively playing and your session has not expired (if you think this may be the case, simply refresh the game). A dirty spot appears every 5-9 minutes while your cafe is open.

We are aware that the floor cleaning tasks are difficult to accomplish and do take time. Hopefully you can still have fun waiting for dirty floors to appear and feel satisfied cleaning them up!

Didn't Receive Cash for Level Up

Is something wrong with your Cash total? You leveled up, but you can't seem to figure out what happened to the Cash?

We assure you, there is no bug. Since the game's release, our developers have never identified a single case in which Cash was not rewarded. If you submit a ticket with this question, all we can provide is a screenshot of your game play logs which 100% of the time show that you received the Cash.

Please do not submit a ticket asking to compensated for "missing" Cash. It simply does not happen! It is technically impossible.

What does happen, however, is that players accidentally spend Cash. Please review that article carefully to determine where your Cash was spent.

Why am I banned or blocked from Cafeland?

If you are seeing the message that you have been banned from Cafeland, it means our automatic system and individual analysis check flagged and closed your account for suspicious activity. Since this is done through a very strict process and everything is carefully processed, the decision is final.

Suspicious activity can include, but is not limited to, abnormal Coin/Cash/Heart amounts and hack engine use. Even if you do not remember using such tools, they can still be attached to your account.

We do not remove bans under any circumstances whatsoever. We also do not reset banned accounts to zero.

If you still want to play Cafeland, you are welcome to do so from a different Facebook account.

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