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Airport City-It Came From Outer Space:Guide

An unidentified flying object has crashed on the outskirts of your city...
It’s time to act, pilots! Help Prof. Klandau research the alien intelligence — it’s been the dream of his whole life! Be careful, though, not all visitors from outer space are friendly. 
It Came from Outer Space event is available for all players of level 16 and above.
Complete all the quests in time to get an exclusive reward!

The UFO Attraction

Increases population cap by 20;
Generates 33 coins every 20 minutes;
Increases profits from nearby commercial buildings by 10%.
You will also receive 800 experience points and 5000 coins for completing the event!

To succeed, you need to complete the following tasks:


Complete the UFO collection 5 times;
Complete the Some Like it Hot  collection 4 times;
Complete the Truth Is Out There collection 2 times.

Detailed guide:

Receive guest planes in your city and get Air Magnetometers that are used for adventure flights. Visit Tunguska, Roswell, and Bermuda, where you can assemble the Above and Beyond collection and receive a Fighter Jet that’s needed to complete the adventure. 

 Visit your neighbors and explore UFO Debris in their cities to find Geiger Counters. They’ll help you explore the debris in your own city, and eventually, you’ll get to complete the UFO collection.

Send flights to event destinations, and sooner or later you’ll find the flight map to Area 51. Once you have it, send Fighter Jets to Area 51 and look for items from the Some Like It Hot collection, as well as for Hydraulic Tools. You’ll need the latter to continue your adventure.

Once you have enough Hydraulic Tools from Area 51, explore the wreck of the flying saucer outside your city to assemble the The Truth Is Out There collection. Complete it twice to receive the event reward, or do the impossible, complete it 4 times, and get the unique Crop Circles in your city!

Crop Circles generate 216 coins every 3 days, and raise the passengers cap by 20.

New collections:

Above and Beyond:

Reward: 300 coins, 140 experience points, and a Fighter Jet for every collection completed. 

Some Like It Hot:

Reward: 290 coins, 150 experience points, and a Plasma Blaster for every collection completed. 


Reward: 310 coins, 160 experience points, and a Flying Saucer for every collection completed. 

The Truth is Out There:

Reward: 2000 coins, 1000 experience points, a Star Gate, and Crop Circles, if you complete the collection 4 times.

New Flights:


- available at level 16; 
- Jet airplane, Flight School, 16 skill stars required.
- lasts 4 hours;
- reward: 114 coins, 91 experience points, Area 51 Map, and items from Above and Beyond Collection.


- available at level 26; 
- Powerful Delta airplane, Flight Catering Facility, 46 skill stars required.
- lasts 7 hours;
- reward: 171 coins, 173 experience points, Area 51 Map, and items from Above and Beyond Collection.


- available at level 31; 
- Jumbo airplane, 58 skill stars required.
- lasts 8 hours;
- reward: 220 coins, 200 experience points, Area 51 Map, and items from Above and Beyond Collection. 

Area 51:

 available at level 16; 
- Fighter Jet, an Area 51 flying map, 58 skill stars required.
- lasts 16 hours;
- reward: 114 coins, 91 experience points, Area 51 Map, Hydraulic Tools, and items from Some Like It Hot Collection.

New Chests:

Astrophysicist Set

The set contains 30 Geiger Counters, 40 Air Magnetometers, 10 Plasma Clots, and a Map to Area 51.

The Set contains random items from It Came From Outer Space collections.

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