martedì 4 aprile 2017

The Treasure Madness-The King Of Journalists Quests Guide

This week TM invites you to begin a career of journalist with Albert Londres! Borns in 1884 in Vichy, Albert Londres writes first of all poems and theater after high school. At the same period he writes some articles for regional newspapers before beginning, in 1906, a job of parliamentary correspondent in the newspaper Le Matin. When the First World War is declared in 1914, Albert becomes a war correspondent for the newspaper. He is sent to Reims during the bombing of the town. Then he covers the fight in South-East Europe and in Turkey for the newspaper Le Petit Journal before working on the end of war in France. After the war he is laid-off from Le Petit Journal on order of Clemenceau following his reports in Italia that question the peace conditions decided by the winners of the war. Working for another daily newspaper, Albert enters into sovietic Russia with the assistance of French secret services, particularly with the aim to spy on Lenine and Trotsky. After that he makes several travels in Asia, becoming more and more popular. In 1923, he goes to the penal colonies in Guyana and denounces the living conditions of the convicts as well as the legal loophole. His fight particularly permits to release Eugène Dieudonnée, who is accused wrongly for a participation on a hold-up. He travels also in Africa and introduces to the public the new forms of slavery practiced by France, while this country is supposed to be the one of human rights. After having visited Palestine and written in favor of a Jewish state at a time when antisemitism rages in Europe, the journalist goes to investigate in China. While he seems to have discovered a scandal questionning the Bolsheviks, he dies in 1932 during the mysterious fire that propagate on the boat getting him back in France. His daughter creates the Albert Londres Award the following year. Even today this trophy crowns the best reporter of the year in France. You too, investigate to see the truth comes to light thanks to the 7 new maps, including a VIP one, and get gather the 7 new collections, including a premium one!

4th of April:

Map: Ten Days in a Mad-House 
Collections to unravel: Items related to investigative journalism / Souvenirs of Albert Londres Prize Laureates 

Map: The Isles of Punishment 
Collections to unravel: Souvenirs related to Albert Londres's Life / Items related to investigative journalism 

6th of April:

Map: The chained suffragettes 
Collections to unravel: Items related to journalism's history / Souvenirs related to Albert Londres's Life

Map (VIP): Love in time of war
Collections to unravel: All collections from The Great journalists series 

7th of April:

Map: Gandhi at his spinning wheel
Collections to unravel: Moving reporters' work / Items related to journalism's history

8th of April:

Map: The Fourth Estate and the presidents 
Collections to unravel: Stats, diagrams and maps related to journalism / Moving reporters' work 

9th of April:

Map: The award ceremony 
Collections to unravel: Souvenirs of Albert Londres Prize Laureates / Stats, diagrams and maps related to journalism

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