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Mystery Manor-Miracle Basket Guide And Quest

How do I start?

First of all, you have to gain access to the Miracle Basket, which is the location where you’ll do all your egg painting and get great prizes. Once you reach level 15, you'll find an overturned basket on the first floor.

 Tap the basket to see the basket's restoration window, where you’ll see a list of items you need.

Each one of these items can be purchased with diamonds or received as a gift from a friend. Collect the needed items and restore the basket. After that, you can start painting Easter souvenirs right away.

Why should I dye souvenirs?

It’s a great opportunity to get the holiday spirit and get an amazing reward! Collect Easter Dyes, color eggs and other items, and you’ll get collection items and useful bonuses as a reward!

How do I find out about rewards?

Tap the Miracle Basket. You’ll see a window with six Easter souvenirs, three of which are available from the start. The rest can be unlocked with diamonds.

 Tap on any souvenir to see the reward you get for dyeing it. The rewards are different for each souvenir. The harder it is to dye an object, the greater the prize!

How do I dye souvenirs?

To dye a souvenir, you need a certain number of Easter Dyes. Trade with Easter guests of the Manor to find the dyes you need. 

The needed number of dyes is listed on the button below the reward. Tap it and the Easter Bunny will start dyeing the souvenir. This will take some time, which will be shown on a timer. 

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